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  1. I've been overbreathing

  2. Meditation is boring and futile
  3. My body feels feverish

    Experiences differ but from what is generally observed during a real awakening and the seriousness with which you pose this question here... it seems to be an energetic imbalance.
  4. Chaos Magic

    magic or not, I dunno but it is
  5. Buddhism transcends the Tao

    Just to clarify, the above are NOT my views. I only summarized what I read on three other threads and I did that because I didn't agree with a lot of that. There were some PMs that expressed surprise as to why I would say such a thing... Naaw...I didn't I only collated what was stated elsewhere..
  6. Chaos Magic

    Yup! Straight into the mouth that yaps non-stop ...DO DO DO DO
  7. Chaos Magic

  8. Chaos Magic

    How I wish all understood that it is not every person's goal to "escape from a sorrow-filled samsara" and attain some sort of liberation from birth and death! Why do we need to apply this litmus test to every little thing? Query: Any feedback on what happens with excessive farting? Reply: Farting is good to release pent up emotions but it is a limited path and won't take you very far. It is good to spread some fragrance and may be even reduce the effects of global warming, but it won't liberate you from the labyrinth of birth and death. It just is not that subtle and it is not dependently originated. Also, the number of Realized Masters on this sonorous and fragrant path are close to nil compared to another complete path
  9. what books to recomend a beginner?

    Hudun!! Long time... hello
  10. questions on tridaya material

    Interesting.... thank you all ... Some benefits the practice claims to grant are (ignore the grammar and stuff ) 1. Shield of your self from all physical and metaphysics attack 2. Do not Hurt or injure if hit by sharp weapon (when occurence correctness attacked by enemy). 3. Healing all disease of metaphysics and physical. 4. Cure barreness or weaken lust. 5. Increase your Authority of and fascination. 6. Increase your career. 7. Can ommunications and control khodam or Jin if you will. 8. Can bounce enemy attack before touching your self. 9. Can borrow miracle of others. 10. Can lock others attack or science. 11. Fencing your self, others, house / good and chattel and company. 12. Real Key make patrimony (Fill Keris, Dagger , Knife, Samurai, Stone Jewel, enamoured oil and water contain) 13. No abstention, peripheral effect and also of kontradiktif with other science during that other science non black science, even he will coalesce and become solidly. In this case only science which source of from God, can unite, usually to science which source which being or object, the science will disappear. 14. And other benefit you can get after practice.. Not sure any one achieved all this?
  11. Buddhism transcends the Tao

    Naaw.. I don't think so S Denty wrote - longer posts, - more frequently, - replied to all that didn't agree with him and not only to those posts which he thought were easy to respond to and - wrote something new in every post without sounding too much like a broken record ... It would be fun to have a - I am better than you - or - mine is better than yours - debate between the two though... Its amazing to see how similar the two are ... ROFL
  12. questions on tridaya material

    No replies... so no one familiar with this one? Its rather expensive Is tridaya same as Tenaga Dalam Illahi? There seem to be various versions and Indonesian system but nothing clear that explains what this system is about: Magic, Tantra, Qigong, Hard martial art ... Any one trained in either of these two? It was interesting as a practiotioner mentioned this to be Indonesian Yoga ... Some sell this as a technique, some as a get-and-forget attunement (in 3 levels) ... not sure what this is about...
  13. Why e-sangha is starting to get on my nerves

    The word Hindu came from the Sanskrit Sindhu, coined by Persians to refer to Sindu valley civilization. I did point out earlier than Hinduism is not exclusively Advaita or Dvaita or Shaiva or Shakta, but got carried away into using the same term incorrectly with growing threads. While not technically correct to the core, most religions or isms that come under Hinduism are referred to as a part of Sanatana Vaidika Dharma tracing their thoughts to the Veda in some way. They are all theistic. The exception would be the Buddhists and their influential predecessors the Jains. So, in spite of being technically incorrect, the popular notion is that Hinduism solely represents the vedic or the theistic group and not the other two. This is rather incorrect as atheism has its echo in certain portions of the veda as well. In the current modern day usage, "Indian" is not equal to "Hindu" and this is stated in the so-called secular Indian constitution.