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  1. Sailor Bob ?

    Movement to Bobs house is where you may find (or lose) yourself, its a short cut or direct to the Source. For those in QLD Aust, to spread around that Bob is still kindly offering meetings in Melbourne- there is a meetup started around the globe: or Hong Kong:
  2. Sailor Bob ?

    Any locals at all experienced with Sailor Bob Adamson ? anyone actually checked out the guy in person? Any feedback ? cloud if you are still in australia, go so the living buddhi sailor bob = life
  3. no thing

    hi cant recall if theres been an entry here from here it is .. nothing to say do see here.. and yet everything is.. its the language written here that says not a thing.. expressing gratitude sean for emailing to point back to the forum. see ya. ps sailor bob is 80 yrs old on the 19th july 08 .. gorgeous
  4. Sailor Bob ?

    i heard about sailor bob holding meetings at his home: Meetings with Bob are held three times each week at: 4 / 950 Burke Road - Deepdene - Melbourne - Australia. (Melways page 45-K7) Corner of Whitehorse and Burke roads. Times: Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7.30pm to 9pm and Sunday morning 10am - 11.30am. and thought what sort of weirdo.....5 yrs later i ended up there thru the now-for-you forum and couldnt stay away from the love able ol fella. He is totally wild. never have i returned to a place like a bee to the honey. Years i found my self heading there and then one day it stopped as curiously as it started. No more suffering. Underlying peace and a sense of well being.. All effortless living as this bloke points out. so i did a few utubes on his meetings.. dont go by them tho as they are just utubes. Its like anything, some may resonate and some not.. all i know is he is 79 in body years and see him while you can. not many westerners get this opportunity so saddle up. Bob met nissagardatta years ago and that shift has seemed to be shown in full view. Its the essence of 'Bpb' that hit home here and forever greatful for reminding me of that I am.
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    osho UG (the grumpy rude recently left the planet one) Eckhart Tolle 'sailor' bob nissy
  7. koo ee

    G'day from a 'sailor' bob groupie