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    Hi Rain, It's close enough to your first view, but the sigils are not created they're discovered. So what I meant by creation of the alphabet was in reference to the process of tapping in and discovering the individual sigils.
  2. Greetings...

    Hello Sean and Trunk, Sean, something important gained from Stealing the Fire from Heaven was, what for me is, the necessity of creating one's own personal alphabet of desire. There are other books that share similar information, but not in the same way that Mace describes and elucidates the process. There is also much information that is reiterated in the other books in my list, though in different terms most of the time and relate to some of my own personal experiences (providing me with added confirmation of both my own and Mace's authenticity of certain points). Aside from content, I find that his material is presented in a simple, direct, and usable format that I, for one, appreciate. Cheers, Rob
  3. Greetings...

    Dear friends, My name is Rob, I'm now 30, and consider myself an educator and healer. For about one year, I have been living in the Bay area of California (although I am posting this from my other home in Japan and have been in Asia since June). Currently I am a full time PhD student at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, studying transpersonal clinical psychology. In terms of practices, I am a student of Yin Fu Bagua Quan under Michael Guen in Gongbao Zhai's lineage and also a taoist practitioner now under the guidance of David Verdesi. As for reading, I prefer biographical material. My favorite books include, but are not limited to: * The Life of MilarepaThe Life of Marpa * The Life of Gampopa * A Biography of Rechungpa * Old Path White Cloud * Disciples of the Buddha * Opening the Dragongate * The Matrix V Gold Trilogy * The Monroe Triliogy * The V Van Dam Trilogy (i.e. The Psychic Explorer) * The Rays and the Initiations * Initiation into Hermetics * Tsongkhapa's Six Yogas of Naropa * The Secret Doctrine (Adyar Edition) * Stealing the Fire from Heaven * Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge Well, that's all for now. Cheers, Rob