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  1. Personal Practice subforum

    I am letting you know that I have not heard back from anyone about and would really like to begin posting in a personal practice journal. Thanks for any help. Brother K.
  2. What Do Monks Eat Everyday?

    Thank you for the info and views on various monastic diets. I have been looking for diet information for a while on here and read though may long threads on the subject but I think I go the most practical information from your reply. Thank You again.
  3. Sexual Energy

    Who are "some" and if you can't transmute sexual energy then what can you do with it? Is it a waste of energy? So if that is true is sexual arousal also a waste of energy? I ask this because I am beginning some Taoist alchemy practices and sexual arousal is on my mind as I am very sexual being and have been trying to get a grasp on retention.
  4. Who here practices alchemy?

    Thank you Xeno for the link to such a great thread. I have been on here for a week or so now and I am still going through all the back post. I have been working with the basic alchemy exercises now and in a month I am going to begin in earnest. Right now I am staying with a friend in his living room. But at the end of June I am getting a apt. with a friend, so I will have my own space to work in. I also advise watching Darin's youtube videos to hear his experienced views on Taoist alchemy.
  5. Alchemy Conference

    Thought you all might be interested to know there is going to be an International Alchemy Conference in Oct. in the City of Angels. Mantak Chia is speaking and they list Taoist alchemy as one of the topics for the conference. here is a link to the website:
  6. What is a good breakfast for a TaoBum?

    I had lots of questions in this regard also and you should try the search function on the forums, search for Taoist Diet there are many long threads on this topic.
  7. Buddhism transcends the Tao

    I could not agree more. I come at Taoism from a Ceremonial magickian stand point and my view is that ANY path actually FOLLOWED is worthy. They all lead hopefully to the permanent union with the Tao, God, other plane, what ever you choice to call it. The reason I came to this path is because most of the people in CM seem to spend countless hours arguing about the "correct" way to do something instead of doing anything, or even trying anything. How many magickian does it take to change a light bulb? All of them, one to change it and the rest of them to tell them they are doing it wrong. So lets not do that on this forum. I am new here and I am actually blown away because I am learning so much from people who actually understand the THEORY of what they actually PRACTICE. That is so rare in this world, lets just keep up the good work.
  8. I have since moved on to move advanced text in my practice, but this is the short on me that got me started:
  9. Personal Practice subforum

    Okay I will do thanks.
  10. Personal Practice subforum

    The title description in the Tao Lounge says all we have to do to get one is ask, but does not direct one where or whom to ask, so I ask here I guess. Thanks in advance.
  11. This video was pretty good as I have just started reading The Secret of the Golden Flower I think it will help me understand some of the terms used. I really enjoyed your Taoist Alchemy videos alot too. Very good and lot of goods beginner info.
  12. Interesting as a very new member it seems to be good and I am enjoying the conversations so far, you get dramatic lulls in any group. So we must think of ways to spice it up then and keep things interesting for everyone. What sort of things do you want to talk about? post topics and we will see if we can get people to discuss them.
  13. The 4 hour work week

    I had read his blog off and on for a little while and got the audio book version of it and listened to most of it on a cross country train trip and then bought the book upon my arrival and find it to be one of the books I recommend most to people now. I think everyone should read it, you will get something out it.
  14. I agree with everything you said and want. I myself feel this same way.I have decided to take to the road for this release from society. It has proven to be the most amazing, enlightening experience of my whole life. I think you should decide what you want and do it. I have yet to practice Neikung at all, but do practice a lot of traditional Pranayama yoga. The two things that helped me realize how to achieve my life on my own terms which is what it sounds like you want too, am I right? Are the following two books: I think Vagabonding is required reading for anyone who is thinking about beginning this path in earnest. If you don't just want to talk about it, but actually do it. Get that book and read it cover to cover. Most libraries have it if you do not want to purchase it. Also I advise the study of lightweight backpacking, and reading Walden. I do agree with some of the above. I think the answer is sooner or later to go to Asia. I myself and going to spend sometime walking in Spain and then head off to South East Asia for an extended period of time. Keep me posted on your progress I am always interested in how this life works out for other people also.