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  1. Advaita Vedanta vs Buddhism

    That was a timely reminder and I second the same. Iam no buddhist scholar. only practice buddhist meditation. One small thing I understand is the value of compassion in action and in words. I found some comments made on Hindus on this thread unrelated and hateful. They appear racist and arrogant to me devoid of any compassion. The same gentleman has made similar comments on other threads. "If there are monks(Bhikshus), nuns(Bhikshunis), laymen(Upasakas), laywomen(Upasikas), pure youth and maidens who wish to recite and hold(keep reciting) this mantra, they should first arouse heir great merciful and compassionate hearts for all living beings, and follow me in making these vows". Dwai and Siliconvalley, you should gracefully bow out of this discussion. I have enjoyed the passion and earnestness in your posts. I would really appreciate if you suggest a good beginner's primer on advaita. Henry
  2. Hello

    Greetings, have followed this blog silently and enjoyed many discussions. New to Taoist methods but have some Buddhist background. Regards Henry