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  1. Questionable Mak Tin Si Sect

    Dear Forum Members, The reason why I would like to know more about Mak Tin Si is because one of my friend had paid him over $2000 for talismans and rituals to rid him or bad luck / spirit possession. It didnt work but further aggravates his conditions he's now being admitted to a hospital. His family members are deeply concern, this is the reason why I ask with due respect its not a matter of opinion but the truth... If MTS is not capable of rendering help please do not get involved and please be honest in the first place, dont be a bloood sucking vampire with empty promises. Karma would catch up with you and you do cause Taoism a bad name.
  2. Dear Mak Tin Si, With due respect I would like to know which lineage are you from are you Mao Shan ? Liu Ren etc...? Where is your lineage from taiwan ? hong kong, china? Do you have a lineage master certificate? Why do you have Gui Yi? Isnt this a buddhist practice to take refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha? Are you a Reiki Practitioner for merely $90 you transfer your power to students? isnt that an insult to Taoism, from what I know we do not have attunement, for transfer of power. Which Taoist organization do you belong to in China? Are you a registered non-profit organization? Are you accredited by any Registrar of Societies in China or Canada? Why isnt there a photo of you or Lau Tin Si on your website? What about your altar photos care to show us some photos please we can at least see some deities on your lineage. Why are you charging $250 for a talismans? Arent talismans supposed to be free and donations are only voluntarily, from what I know I been to temples in asia its all free you only make a donation any amount will do. Care to let us know why is your sect so special ? Immortals or imaginary beings comes to give you the lineage ? Why isnt there a real guru that imparts to you the initiation instead, anyway we can verify your statement? Hope you can shed some lights on this Mak Tin Si. (By the way isnt it arrogant to call your self a Tin Si?)
  3. Greetings Everyone

    Hi forum members, This is 3rd eye I'm new to Taoism but i did bump into lots of great taoism rituals when i was in phuket last year for the 9 emperor festival. its was an eye opening event. met lots of buddies all over the world some came even from America, Japan, singapore, indonesia, malaysia, canada etc,,, which we kept in touch Look forward to share and learn here.