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  1. Role of Virtue

  2. Dangerous Meditation

    I agree with you. Also, that it doesn't necessarily have to be about lust for money or guru status - a lot of teachers just won't have the knowledge to treat all health issues. Being a meditation master does not necessarily endow you with the skills of a psychotherapist, MD or healer. If in doubt, get a referral or a second opinion! -O-, thanks for sharing that story. A very cautionary tale, I hope she makes progress.
  3. Calling ascended beings.

    Ya Mu - I totally agree. This is what I have been taught and also what I have found to be true through practice. There are countless beings who are NOT interested in your evolution. Virtue is paramount; discernment very useful too. As my teacher has remarked on more than one occasion, the best technique for protection is strengthening. Well, not all beings are interested in evolution. A fundamental universal law is free will, even if that choice involves devolution. We all have made, and continue to make those choices. And there certainly are many posing as guides and helpers who only want something from you, I have experienced this! Ignorance and desire for personal power (you might say they are very closely related) are major obstacles to discerning between ego wants and true intent. It's part of the path for me. Being on your guard is of course a necessary skill, but work on yourself is the best protection; it does indeed appear true that like attracts like. Hope that helps.
  4. Please do continue sounding smart! That's very interesting, I have also wondered about the parallels drawn between the breath of life and creation in the context of chi/shen. The idea of a personal God being anathema to Taoism (an intelligent and transformative force seems acceptable though). In Zen, how is nen viewed? Is it seen as an involution, or as the natural order of things? Or maybe both? Many thanks.
  5. High level skills in martial arts.

    Hi - just interested more in where you feel lost in your training? How is it connected with having to relate it to your previous body of practice/understanding of others? Thanks for sharing.
  6. The Placebo Effect

    Ok thanks for that, I'll check it out.
  7. The Placebo Effect

    That's intriguing, do you have any more info on that or links etc? I'd be interested to hear what qi healers or TCM practitioners say about this point. Thanks!