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  1. I have really struggled with this paddox as well, especialy with a family that depends on me. I believe that unless you really wish to die in this world to be prepare for what comes after, I must find the balance between. So, I believe what is meant in this teaching is to let go of attachment. Don't take more then you need, share your bounty with your neighbors, don't stress about where the next meal comes from or weather your current shelther will be there tomorrow. I don't believe though that I should give up my most basic needs or pass up your current oppertunitys to provide for yourself and love ones.
  2. The Tao

    Tell me something wonderous in your life today. It would be a joy to hear it
  3. There is only one road towards Tao

    Okay wow, maybe I'm in the wrong place. "There is only one road to Tao"?? Are you suggesting that Tao is a place to reach? like some spiritual plaetu. "Tao" Let me see. In the simplest terms I can think of: Tao is like life giving water or essence (holy spirit). It is in everything and made everything. It does nothing but leaves nothing undone. There is no road to Tao. There are ways to "connect" or "feel" the Tao All one has to do is listen
  4. I have specific spiritual goals

    "Tend to jump from one spiritual practice to another" Hmm...I have found that all practices are merely ritual surrounding the "Tao". So, jumping from one to another really doesn't mean anything the Tao is still the Tao regardless of any actions you take. Try instead to cast away your conditioning to believe there is a differance. It is okay to meditate any way you choose. Either with or without pomp & ritual if it brings you closer to your essence. The Tao ( at least thats how I feel)
  5. hello

    good day, i'm a 41 male living in maryland. I havd reconized the tao since age 15. i'm finding it harder each day to deflet the anger & cynicism of the world of 10000 things. Found your group and conversion would be good, even though this too is a paradox. "those who know,do not speak". Oh well, i have been called so here i am!