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  1. Phenomenology and Qigong

    Are you still interested in this subject? I am doing a similar study and I found this: http://east-westdialogue.org/E-dissertation.html
  2. Looking for a book that explain the I Ching

    Thank you all for the nice answers, i've just ordered Chuan, The Great Treatise on the Changes
  3. I'm using the I Ching since some years now and I have quite understood how it works. Anyway I'd like to go even more deep on the subject, in order to well understand the whole system, also in connection with tcm, martial arts and alchemy. Can you suggest me any book of this kind ? Best
  4. here are some nice holy books: http://www.holybooks.com enjoy
  5. Beef Heart

    You can cook it like a steak or a stew, both are great. I've tried to steam it, it was delicious too
  6. Beef Heart

    joking aside is beef heart a really powerful food and it's nothing so strange. The meat is actually just muscle, very low fat and tastes wonderful; moreover it's quite cheap, so you can afford it to buy it organic
  7. Beef Heart

    Here are some info that I got asking at tcmdiscovery : Cattle heart can raise blood for heart, cure forgetfulness, palpitation. it is good for brain, improving eyesight, warm lung, benefit liver, spleen and kidney, nourish "Yin" tonify deficiency etc. it have auxiliary therapy effect for low blood pressure, coronary heart disease, respiratory disease, urinary tract disease, endocrine system disease, the male disease, gynecological diseases, pediatric diseases, orthopaedic disease, surgical disease, skin venereal. Enjoy the heart
  8. Beef Heart

    thank you for your link. I know that beef heart is quite healty. My father is a butcher, so I grow up eating strange things like beef hearts, it's no weirdness for me Anyway i'd like to know what are the effects of beef heart from a TCM point of view: i looked on the internet but I've found no info about it.
  9. Beef Heart

    Hi, does anyone know the tcm properties of beef heart ? I tried to google it but didn't find any interesting info.
  10. Psychomagic

    exactly, that's the book I read: Psychomagic: The Transformative Power of Shamanic Psychotherapy I'm more into taoism than other arts of healing; still it's an interesting point of view.
  11. Psychomagic

    I've read a book of Jodorowsky about Psychomagic, it's a mixture of Magic and Psychology. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychomagic_%28psychotherapy%29 I was really impressed by Pachita, the sudamerican Healer. Does anyone have experience or something to say about Psychomagic ?
  12. Supplements

    You can have all the proteins you need just from food, you need supplement just if you are a bodybuilder. Protein powder still sometimes useful, when you don't have enough time to cook something. I got some hemp powder and i'm quite happy with it, i put it in my vegetable-oat shakes. Go for it if you need it. Anyway don't overdo with proteins, you don't actually need more than 2 grams of protein per Kilo, even if you're bulking.
  13. Heart Rate during Qigong

    ok, the heart rate is a bit lower if I do the movements even slower, let's say minimum 70 and maximum 90, it usually stays around 80. even if I breath slowly I do low mapu stances and that's probably the reason. Does it make sense ?
  14. Heart Rate during Qigong

    ok, I actually do my movements together with my breath, i'll try to do them slower and report the heart rate.
  15. Heart Rate during Qigong

    I breath deep and slowly in the lower dan tien - How should I breath otherwise ? Or did I misunderstood your question ?