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  1. Slave of Gods

    In budhism the wheel of life, you can born human, hungry ghost ,jealous god realms,deva realms. And after enlightment of course buddha realms. İn all heavens asura realm, deva realm or buddha realm higher your virtue level higher your lifespan as a god (degeneration time). for us they are Immortals because normal human (without qigong or something) lifspan is 100 years. high level gods can live millions years, but it is not forever.
  2. Slave of Gods

    You are saying that you havent seen anything yet, but do your celestial eye opened ? even mine is not fully opened to see dimensions, and other enttitys ıcan see auras and energy particles. I didnt said ıam controlled , Iam saying gods writing your destiny there is millions of ways inside your destiny and and when you choose a path, thousands appear more, there is a destiny,and you cant free yourself, there ara some major events in everyones destiny that can not be change like, losing your arm in car accident, or even your hardwork you lose your shop vs vs... talents and other things come also with karma, how can I give a example: lets say you play amazing basketball, even you have amazing skills you cant enter the nba, because of your karma. Didnt you noticed In your life you create beautifull (project,art,) but a useless one that your friend make earn higher grade than yours, thats how karma works.
  3. Slave of Gods

    But in this system like I said before everybody is puppet ,even you become a god, there is another one more powerfull than you and you must carry his or her tasks, thats what ıam trying to say we are all puppet in this stupid good and evil game, there two way to become a free complete destruction or become the ultimate god (this one is imposible because even you have the highest level virtue than all gods you cant pass level you born) and before ı have lack of knowledge I always think like that, ok I will endure great pains at the end, I will become god and live in heaven forever. Wrong even the highest gods have degeneration time, thousands or millions what it is the different ? at the end you will find yourself in this hell again.
  4. Slave of Gods

    Ralis are you trying to say there are no gods ? I witness some low level sidhis (powers) and also some little bit unnatural things. can you please give more Information about what you trying say? Marblehead I cant change my belief, ıf I have a choice not to believe gods and do whatever ı want, believe me ı will choose that, but I believe entittys or how can you explain poor and rich, healthy, unhealthy (karmic relitionships) lets say this are chance we born with it , what about powers, or people who can remember past lifes =
  5. Slave of Gods

    Hello Iam reading this forum more than 4 years, but I didnt wrote anything until now.I have to ask something to everybody in here. Years of meditation practice, and lot of pain I endure, I finally give up.The problem is I dont believe the gods good nature anymore, and I dont believe spiritual freedom anymore.even you enlightened one day, and become extremely high level god, doesnt matter degeneration is unescapeble. you will fall one day. how many times you can rise ten,hundred,thousand at the end one day you will corrupt so badly you will never get enlightened.Some of you gonna say why do you thinking far future so much and not live in today ? Iam not thinking future I dont fear death or sickness, the problem is no heaven even the highest one dont deserve to endure so much pain. why do I have to play this stupid good and evil game forever? Why dont I have a chance become nothingness (soul destruction) ? yes there is soul destruction for fully evil people, but its very painfull, and it takes aeons to your soul the dissolve. even they are fully evil where is your heavenly mercy now ? why dont I have option to become nothingness, why I must play this stupid game forever until I become completely evil , or enlightened ? I dont want neither of them, I just want to become zero, Nothing.... why commiting suicide evil ? because youre destroying the destiny that god create for you (he or she who is responsible about your destiny) ... Like I care, I dont see any evil in here but you create enourmous karma. yea yea ı know hurting human body is one of the biggest crime.for someone else yes I agree but why I must live like this? why I must live the painfull destiny of that god choose to me ? I dont care ıam a serial killer or something in my past life, where is your unhumanly mercy,compassion why dont they let me become nothingness before ı become corrupt, why there is no freedom in spiritual world like in our world. Nothing is different.. in my knowledge gods create this world because of their mercy and give fallen gods one more chance to become enlightened. I think this is the greatest trap of the gods, because in higher realms when you fall , you fall because of the selfishness, and little bit jealosy. lust,killing,rape,drugs everything that creates enourmous karma is in this world. so If they destroyed me before I came to this world , its probably less painfull and much shorter.I have a question who are in here can make astral travel , or enlightened who can contact with heavenly beings.. 1)If I die or suicide do I have chance to choose that I want to go on or become destroyed? or they just send you the realm you deserve instantly without you have chance to open your mouth ? (Iam not thinking to suicide, just angry to there is no freedom) 2)Is soul destruction painfull and takes aeons to finish , or If I ask to the gods there is a instant way to do that ? sorry about my english, I can understand perfectly but my writing skill isnt that good.Because of my lack english some people think this is teenage deppresion, but its not, Iam never a person who wants earn money,have sex,buy house car and earn money , have more sex. I dont like football,basketball anything I hate smoking, I hate alcohol, only thing I loved is meditation, and that love left me. I dont know how can I describe it is not depprision but like something left me , I dont want to do anything anymore.
  6. Hello

    Hello I been reading topics in this forum nearly 5 months or something. I learned a lot from peoples opinions and I want to start some exercises now.