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  1. Hey man, I think this is a great idea. I'm not sure about the location and regiment, but communes like this are totally do-able.. I've been looking thru intentional community listings for weeks now, but many of them are pretty extreme in their views. I would hope starting a commune wouldnt be to hard with a few decent cultivators. I'll tell you right now that if the right oppritunity arose I would pack my bags a.s.a.p. and help build it from the ground up. Some places that i think would be really worth checking out would be Minnesota, Oregon, or Alaska.. There would be many things to take into consideration, but I do know land can be pretty cheap in those areas. that is a great resource.. heres an example of a successful, thriving community like this: If your really interested in this PM me or E-mail me or something.
  2. The Way..

    Hey everybody, I'm a 20 year old d00d from Chicago IL, and I was drawn to this site by a link to a blog here that talked about creating a Tao Commune. I've been going thru intentional community listings for weeks now trying to find one I felt comfortable with, but most of them seem pretty nutty.. Taoism has been present my life for... 6 years now, and ive been following it for going on one year. So I realised; Commune+Taoism=Perfect Match. I think it's pretty well known that without social interaction its almost impossible to properly cultivate. But then again, even Lao Tzu went back to the land due to the stubborn nature of society. I'd imagine a commune like this would be prime breeding grounds for the Tao. If anyone has any leads or suggestions, plz contact me. And what is 'Tao Bum' all about???