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  1. Herbs and menopause

    Thank you, I really appreciate your advice. I've read about Don Quai, I am going to try it. My diet is already very good, and I do exercise regularly. Thanks.
  2. Herbs and menopause

    I was wondering if there are any herbs that affect the age of onset of menopause for a woman. I have read that he shou wu lengthens life and strengthens the reproductive functions, but I'm not sure if that means prolonging the reproductive years. I am looking to find herbs (or any therapy) that would delay the onset of menopause, increase fertility and increase the child bearing years.
  3. Drugs or Meditation?

    There is never any good reason to use drugs. They do NOT expand the mind, nor do they lead to enlightenment....It is a sad joke to think drugs can acomplish what meditation can. It is all a lie and a deception. There is no "quick fix", magic bullet or pill.
  4. "Healing with whole foods" by Paul Pitchford.
  5. ho shou wu

    I have been using He Shou wu for a couple of weeks now. I am using the liquid tincture. Is this as beneficial as using a pill or capsule? I also wonder if anyone has noticed any benefit to their menstrual cycle from this herb. From what I have read, it strengthens the sexual health and improves fertility......so I was wondering if it would lengthen the reproductive life of a woman who uses it. What I mean is, are there any studies or literature stating that he shou wu will bring about a later menopause? I have read that melatonin supplements will delay menopause, and increase the cycle, but I do not want to take a synthetic hormone. I like the idea of using a natural herb, so I just wondered if this herb will help. Also, someone mentioned a vegan/raw diet is cooling.....what about a cooked vegan diet?
  6. Hi from New Jersey

    Hi, everyone. I joined this forum because I was reading a very interesting thread today about chinese herbs. I am interested in herbs, healing diets and I have read several books on the topic, such as Paul Pitchford "Healing with the whole foods" and Henry C. Lu "Using chinese foods for health and longevity" I also studied Tai chi chaun a few years ago, and am currently considering joining the class again. I've heard that my previous teacher is still teaching in Princeton, NJ so I may give her a call and go back. I really enjoyed tai chi, and esp the chi kung breathing exercises.