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  2. Who still doing Tao of Nature - Daosim?

    Walker, I recall hearing some comments off the record from others on the forum. What is it about Mak you are defending? There is nothing to defend about a scam artist.
  3. Dog BEATEN

    I was just really angry about it. It was out of hand.
  4. Dog BEATEN

    {WARNING this link is quite disturbing I only put it back as I don't like to edit other peoples posts, still I don't recommend downloading this EDIT: LINK REMOVED BY POSTER - Mal} Videos like this are posted to make people who dont like a particular animal to feel good about it. Think it over. While you do that, I will be busting you.
  5. Moving In The Tao

    Get friends to move you for free
  6. Back For Good

    Is this entire thread a good explination for rookie?
  7. Is anal sex unhealthy?

    I think many have pASSed this line of puns up. I think some fun can be had without being... retentive LOL
  8. Chips Ahoy

  9. True Norwegian Black Metal

    But then some of the "fearlessness varjasattva practices" herein varjasattva refers to a specific type of practice... It does have a type of "merciless action". These are buddhist practices, however some of these concepts seem to be lost. I am not condoning what he did, however I don't agree with living ones life in fear (without action).
  10. Kung Fu Movies

    No takers on the invincible super chan eh? No dog pileing action? No exploding dwarves? *sigh* Of course I am not serious I just think the film is... well probably has to just be experienced.
  11. True Norwegian Black Metal

    Yes, me too - He seems like a good guy who has just had some difficult times.
  12. True Norwegian Black Metal

    hmmm seems troubled. Didnt get a chance to watch it straight through. Perhaps he is a free thinker, has been bashed verbally and physically by people... Resulting in violence? Such seems the way it seems. People have to" push the envelope" on things and the result is someone gets hurt. He is a spiritual person, but he does not understand kindness due to what he is constantly exposed to.
  13. the prerequestites are being able to "feel" the chi in the ren and dui mai vessels (for simplicity just the micro cosmic orbit). Being able to feel so you can determine if the flow has collasped through too much intention (too much thought). Then being able to do the grand circulation (all the acupuncture channels) However from what I sense, this meditation may be a mix of the grand circulation and extra vessels. The difficultty in raining these methods are the lack of sensory awareness in general b the people reading them, becuase the wisdom is lost due to the fact that most of us are "trapped in our heads' so to speak. Because of this most people dont know how to do anything outside of thinking about it and that is the trap. Thats what the permiation exercise that is the beginning one in the book teaches. You learn to "feel". Gentle abiding nurturing of each channel should be used rather than forcing and using will to move energy. Varjasattva and Ya Mu are good teachers, they may know more about these practices than me.
  14. In reply to the original post.... taliking about stuff like this brings bad karma dude. I dont have any bad intention, just wow....