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  1. Taiwan pre-packed hell money kits

    here is the link to read that book online
  2. Taiwan pre-packed hell money kits

    great thanx maybe you can help me on the particular point i'm looking for: nowadays, burning real money is seen as - to bring bad luck and/or - to be an insult for the defunct but in ancient time - was that tradition using real money? - why does it changed? - the actual bad reputation of using real money came from what? and so is there actually some taoist schools or other schools that argue that the use of real money is the true way or a better way? thanx to all
  3. Taiwan pre-packed hell money kits

    hi, i'm interested to know the history of burning joss paper instead of real money in funeral traditions. Can you tell me which book are you talking about and other references on that matter. thanx to all
  4. hi all

    hi from swiss i'm interested in taoism - tantrism - chamanism