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  1. Iron Crotch

    Part of which i learnt from you Regards
  2. Iron Crotch

    Whether it is worth it depends one how smartly you use information made available to you. As with all things in life, there is hardly any without the plus and minus . The key is balance and the answer is qi. I have heard people hear speak against allowing chi to get to the head amongst the many other I have heard. Thrombosis I brought up cos i like to tell of all possibilities however remote they are, not that I do not know how to shut up. People die from car accidents everyday but people buy their grandmothers cars and the driving lessons tell them of the risks and the world keeps driving. One can not attain an iron penis by confronting digestive biscuits. Thrombosis is not really encouraged by Iron crotch . But I can tell you that Clamping is more likely to cause this. yet it's one of the most widely practiced method. I'm just a clean truth teller. A good soldier knows that in all things he must know how to strike and guard. And he succeed largely because he is victorious in his heart and has defeated doubt before leaving for his campaign. For someone that is new, he might now have the chi to pump into his penis so i hinted on oils for the sake of balance, optimization and precaution. Size is not the main issues that makes men take up penis exercise and i do not believe in size as I have advised against it in my past post were i made mention of plastic deformation. Men are bombarded with sexually related issues, so some do routines for health related issues. Yet one still find men boasting that they are stallions yet public news has it that well over of men(30% i'm being generous ) suffer from premature ejaculation alone. I have also found that WISE old men who have been diagnosed of Prostatitis out-perform the younths in bedroom engagements. The problem of premature ejaculation and tottal control is what Iron crotch makes a joke out of . Whilst some men have the ability to stay, thier penis may not have the physical fortitude to stay and remain hard without fagiue, this too is sometimes why some men engage in penis exercise. Hanging weights is a mere droplet in the ocean of routins men have fashioned for themselves. Personally i have no problems with size or stay power im just prepared to achieved perfection. The head, the penis, the toes . . . these comprise parts of the body that can be called extreemities and as a result, are often the first to be deprived of nutrient rich blood when the body fails or aging process begings. this is why older people are so supceptable to alzheimer's decease and erectile dyfunction as the heart and endocrime system is weakened by overweight or age. Wether the thrombosis (this is the product of over-zealousnes) or not , the truth is that as we get older plaque will form within the penis. Even a stalion who stays more than 80min in one streach of sex without quick brakes is exposing himself to premanent damage. So reality is that all is danger! Weher we like it or not, the penis will shrink and it's abilites will dwindle with as we approch retirement. I'm not one to take refugge in self-deception and denial that is why i support anything that promotes and assures good health right to the last day. Taoism support this veiw too. Next time you see a martial artist braking bricks with his fist do not ask him if broken nockels ' is realy worth it', ask how he does it and others can't under normal circumstances . As for what I have learnt from all these; I have learnt that sexual health and the retion of jing should be one of the most sort after thing by men apart from a good marriage and money. Ironically the penis has a role in all this :-) even if the man say it's not so. But it take two to tango and make such conclusions. I am very glad I found these procedures. I laugh all the time and feel good all the time. I wear a victorious heart like a roman soilder each time I think about the possibilities and abilities that are at my disposal. I am just 29 but i know that I will feel look and perform like I am fresh off the block by they time I am at 79. My body would have become adapted to vast proportions of sexual energy I would have become better from it. I am not one to boast so I will confess that ejaculation still escaps me (rarely. only the very strong ones) but even when it does, it does not hinder my ability to continue without stoping as a man will not loose his erection unless he achieves full discharge of his ejaculate. Sometimes it mere pre-ejaculate (nearly transparent seminal fluids) So the prolactine theory is not 100% true. Now I never fail to halt ejaculation even when it has started. Failure is to halt it after loosing about 15% of the true volume. This is so because ejaculation is composed of a series of contractions each one representing a pump. Each time a person halt an ejaculation (convulsions ) in this manner, after letting go of your grip on the uro-genital. The muscles's convulsive action which would have been felt in the penis would be seen more prominent between the testiculs and anus. At such times, i find these muscles still convulsing foolishly after the period for orgasmic emission has elapsed. Thereafter, there would be a relief. That is the location of your major sexual muscle. If you breath and route the energy upwards during this period, you'd better be able to handel it. Yet the engery you've displaced will be routed through the body more calmly later if you dont bother provided you already have a strong energy stream round the body. Cheers
  3. Iron Crotch

    All I see is fear Everything in life is about training and conditioning. The body's greatest ability is adaptation. That is why whilst the human body has a slim spine at the center of everything, weight lifter have found ways of lifting as much as 200kg and more. Being that I have not seen many active practitioners to shear views with, I will have to leave the topic. yet , I will point out the thousands,maybe even millions, of people have been hanging weights for penis size benefits (especially in the USA ) for a very long time before the news of how a similar method could be used to for cultivative purposes hit the west. I support tact over fear. This is why I started with o.5 kg but I can say the 10pounds is definitely a joke to me right now and it can not do anything for me. I can see why this has not appealed to some members. But I will say to those that are unsure, that if you can move from nothing to lifting 5pounds, your ability to control your losses would have more than trippled and soon after, even 10p will be joke to you. If anybody makes up their mind and wants to give the method a go then send me private mail and i will give you some essential oils you can use as an after training massage oil to prevent thrombosis and and improve circulation. I can understand why some of us here are a bit skeptical. For me, I have a history of penis exercise and I do not see why any man shouldn't. why should a man not keep his entire body fit? The benefits of keeping your essence should be revisited. With best regards f
  4. Iron Crotch

    It would be nice to hear from everyone here, at least from those who have tried. I have found it to be a very powerful method.
  5. Free hugs

    I see what you mean. Even the music is easy and warm
  6. Tests and Trials

    I think testing is needed. Best teacher teach their students things they are ready for and capable of doing. How does the teacher determine? First time I read this thread I thought the idea was great. Anyone can join in just like the quiz and have a laugh while doing it and such. Some of could use challenges sometimes its easy to start being irregular with cultivation/self-developments or just need a fresh thrill/motivation. I consider all of these positive things. I was secretly waiting for someone take the bull by the horn with the hope I may get a glimpse of some possibilities. Good post Good person period. Regards
  7. weight loss=penis growth?

    Sorry, I did not have time to read the page but the diagram is enough to make the issue clearer. I can only support lig manipulation for the purpose of growth. Manipulating any other region should not be intended for growth just fitness. Growth wills naturally come. To me growth of the shaft may imply too much effort (opening the loop for bad news) because for elongation to occur, plastic deformation must also occur. People still succeed though. For me, I say just leave it. It is good enough for the penis to work. http://www.autoextender.com/works.html
  8. Warm Path

    True! Attach no importance to my words though. At times like this, my words are without emotional clinging: Just wind and words.