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    Hello! Please excuse me if this post comes off as a bit weird; I don't normally like forums, but I was impressed by how little faff and BS is on here compared to most I'm a mid-twenties female in Australia and I feel as though I'm in a major transition point in my life, as I'm separating from my long-time partner amongst other things. I became interested in learning more about Tao when I was reading the Art of War and found the translator's comments on Tao in the introduction far more interesting than Sun Tzu... My background is non-religious, although I've had a few "experiences" a few years back. However, I was extremely daft and naive at the time and it's lucky I didn't get seriously damaged (the people I was hanging out with were more dangerous than the metaphysical stuff...). I'm more keen to learn about Tao as a philosophy for now, though I occasionally attempt meditation and have been thinking about learning tai chi for some time now... I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts and hoping I don't make too much of an ass of myself