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  1. WOW!

    OMG! How embarrassment! That didn't sound right did it? Guess I had that one coming! A good lesson already learned - but then again it is Easter weekend and someone was bound to RAIN on my parade. Thanks for the laughs, esoterica
  2. WOW!

    What an Easter Sunday! I had concidered visiting a church this weekend- but I just couldn't shake the feeling I may just burst into flames as I passed through the threshold! Instead I steped out of my comfort zone and visited the Tao Wu Shin Monaastery on Mount Tamborine. I was curious to see the monks in action, (affectionately called "the hot monks" on the Mountain - no disrepect intended - all is an illusion, but it seems some illusions are more fortunately arranged than others!) These gentlemen are living and breathing examples of goodness and virtue. I've never witnessed true manhood and righteousness in the flesh before, I've only ever read about it. I am speechless (but I'm sure I'll get over that quickly as I just want to learn more...!) Thanks Good Fellows for an awesome experience - I'll be back! esoterica
  3. Meow!

    How do I take my tea?... Why with cream of course.
  4. the balloon debate

    I'm wondering once "the chosen one" is to go, which one in the balloon actually gets to do the deed itself? Who amongst them would be brave enough to play God and be responsible for the fall of man (or woman)......?!
  5. Meow!

    Here out of curiosity... and being fully aware that's what killed the cat....MEOW!