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  1. White Fat Cow

    I have written a review of 'White Fat Cow' on my blog at: I read the book completely once, and I'm working on my second time through, with a pencil in hand to highlight and underline key segments. I see the repetition as a means through which to ensure the material gets learned and absorbed.
  2. Measuring Meditation

    Dear SiliconValley, Thank you for posting Nan's explanation of Mantra practice. I am interested in studying the Source. Where did this come from? -ES
  3. Bill Bodri's Stages Course

    Brian, With all due respect, have you ever stopped to realize that perhaps there's a reason why Bodri said 'not now'? Bill is a guy who is obviously not doing this for the money, so there must be another reason he is holding back the teachings. While I do not purport to know what it is, I can appreciate that there may be more to the situation than one might initially realize. And if we actually read Bill's work, and put it into practice (otherwise what's the point), then we know that we should respect the wishes of a Teacher, meditate, and generate merit. As we learn in 'Measuring Meditation', once a student has completed the first two of the first four stages of the Mahayana path (Stage of Wisdom and Merit Accumulation, Stage of Advanced Preparatory Practices), and is moving into the third stage (Stage of Seeing the Tao), only then can he be truly initiated. (Perhaps the 'Stages' course is about more than the PDF's.) -ES
  4. Introduction from an 'Esoteric Scientist'

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I run a blog (available at where I write about various cultivation schools and practices. Although I generally do not like forums, I hope to be able to contribute to this one from time to time. -ES