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  1. Kunlun follow up poll

    i had all kind off opinions about my "guide" - oh it is a bad ghost, send it away - it is the spirit of an old taoist master leading you to taoism cuz Kunlun is not such a high practice - it is your highr mind connecting to your lower mind - dormant parts of your brain are opening to name a few. so everyone has another idea, but only me knows what ive been feeling, and its been wonderful,if it is a higher consciuosness or my head wanting to be creative or someones head or a no head something is actually not important, it has not harmed me in any way or suck energy away or scared me nor made me sick, on the very opposite, extremely loving patient teacher. so for me i have followed my heart, it comes every once in a while and teaches me neat stuff. Isnt it so that you attract what you send away... send fear youll get fear.....send insecurity youll get insecurity....send pure unconditional love youll get pure unconditional love?????? Isnt it so that your subconscious hears the positive parts of your thought and no "dont's" "no's" so if you think...I dont want to be sick, you might be telling yourself, I want to be sick. and thats the outcome for these experiences. So the negative effects might be self created?
  2. Kunlun follow up poll

    You still dont know who i am hm Gloria, Ill have to surprise you again soon then hugs N. have a taste for adventure....yup ill risk it, would you join me???? cuz, it is the path thats the fun part of the journey, the goal is always there
  3. Kunlun follow up poll

    Totally agree, expecting Max to take care of each and everyone of us sounds like a giant stress. If we choose to follow a trail, there mmight be all kind of surprises! As you say there might have been errors in the way of teaching, but teaching is a path itself, a very difficult learning process with as much rewards and frustrations as the students learning process. So I wonder about Maxs opinion on all this, how has he felt, what has he faced, beside all the TB critics. Max wont be teaching around for much longer, he is going a step farther in his own development.... So should we