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  1. Taoist classics (free download)

    Thanks for posting these, the time commitment this project represents is rather impressive. I've been wondering as I read: what larger framework do these texts fit into? Are they all from a specific "branch" or group/tradition of Taoism? How can we place these in a larger social and historical (or practical) context to better understand them? In truth, I may even be too ignorant to ask the right questions about them, but this is where I know to start. Many thanks
  2. Taoist classics (free download)

    Agreed, thank you! Just curious: what is your story, what/where do you study?
  3. Zeitgeist

    It's not that there's not a thematic tie between the two, it's just that you can theoretically and thematically relate any thing. I found it disagreeable that the film laid them all together the way it did, you can call it a matter of taste or intuition or borderline yellow journalism. I really find the movie to be engaging though, so I don't want to sound like i'm saying it's all bad :-) It's an issue of how and not what. Has anyone had a chance to check out the site mentioned at the end of the films: ?? There's a lot more there as well in terms of action and education.
  4. Zeitgeist

  5. Taoist classics (free download)

  6. Namaste from Texas

  7. Hello from Bali

  8. Namaste from Texas