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  1. attempting to be tranquel but its cold and smells like fryer greese here.

  2. Kung Fu Movies

    Hooray I'm not the only one
  3. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    On of my favorite quotes at the moment at least is from the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick After the character Isidore finds out that the story of the profit Mercer was faked he sees the Mercer before him. After a few events and discussion he says to the Mercer "I didn't like that about the whiskey, that's lowering." To this Mercer replied "That's because you're a highly moral person. I'm not. I don't judge, not even myself."
  4. Kung Fu Movies

    Kung Fu Hustle 5million/5 On my top five movies list, and of course my favorite Kung Fu movie if it can actualy be called one. ...... ...... well I really like it
  5. Favorite artists?

    Ya, I haven't worked with him, I just talked with him for a bit, and saw him lecture
  6. TO ALL - attention! something to discuss!

    ::weakly tosses a stone in no particular direction:: Sorry couldn't resist.
  7. In front of camera, talking out ass

    Not to be rude, but last time I checked, John Stewart is a comedian, his show is on Comedy Central and is basicly a farce on reality and the news.... so..... why would your really fault him on mistakes and opinions, the show isn't intended to be 'real' news.
  8. Favorite artists?

    My favorite is Tom Otterness, he's a public works artists who's work is light hearted, cartoonish, and creates a good bridge for people to join the art world. His work removes the 'precious' art syndrome that most artwork has by being in public places where people can actually touch the art. It's fun, I saw a video where this cute woman kissed one of his sculpture while doing a bike tour of new york. I had a chance to talk with him once for a class paper, he's very friendly, and had a nice crowd dynamic.
  9. What is the Most Important Thing?

    Um, virtue and pleasure (theoretically non hierarchic, but in reference to Tao it is) and of course Love, preferably without attachment. But that's just what I found on my searches.
  10. What are you listening to?

    To kind of go with the original topic, I am currently enjoying Mogwai, the music has a very nice feel, mostly because that's what the group focuses on.
  11. MMORPG experiences?

    It's not all bad, I haven't played one in years but I was recently doing research to see if I wanted to play one. While there is a lot of suffering and anger in the games, the is also something... interesting there. First off some games just look beautiful, you can tell years of patience and craft were put into the trees and waterfalls, the sunscapes, the shadow works. Then there are the non fighter classes of the games, one of the games I was looking at was Lineage 2, and the idea that dwarfs are crafters, creating items to help their guild and fellow players, and that there are suport characters and healers who can't fight too well but are needed for a groups success. There are also rather interesting actions of politics, and logic at play with guild groups, you can almost see aspects of the Tao Te Ching in action when you observe the democracy of large guilds being humbled by smaller guilds so that they can protect their new members. The main thing you need to know though if you are to play mmorpgs, is that, even if there is an endgame boss and such, the game play is determined by the player, if you wish to view the tao in a game then be the tao in the game. I found this article on the zen of Lineage 2 when I was researching games and while I know very few people play the way this article suggest it did give a few things to consider when playing.
  12. I have no reason not to believe in Aliens, but I do doubt that the government has captured any and have then trapped in Area 51. I see no reason that Aliens could not visit the planet, reasons why they would want to raises a lot more questions. The universe is huge, and vast, anything is possible, so aliens with the ability of galactic travel seems plausible. There are probably aliens who are more advanced then us, there are probably a lot that are less advanced, still see no reason they would want to visit earth. Who knows maybe they want to visit earth to help spread the message of the Tao .
  13. Dose any one ever use the Chat Room?

    I would like to use the live chat, but I have yet to see other people in it, if people do use it I have no ideas what times they do.
  14. If your looking for a conspiracy discussion, I am rather enjoying the 2012 end of world theory. I find the irony of researching a spiritual path known for longevity when the world is thought to be ending to be rather funny. That's not why I'm fallowing the Tao but I do note the irony. I know a few people who think the world will end, and one friend of mine feels it will be a rebirth of magic and not the end of the world. So he's trying to learn how to summon spirits and elementals and become magically powerful. We have vastly differing ideas to say the least.