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  1. Dr. Yan Xin

    Hi Asian9, i have just started practising yan xin qigong, i was told that those who have attended dr yan xin international conference, do not feel tired, or the need to go to the toilet despite dr xan yin non-stop emitting lecture , is this true. Could u share your experience with us. thanks
  2. Yan Xin Qigong

    [ Hi Frankin, I am currently practising Yan xin qigong at the beginning stage, i wanted to get the tape but was told that it is not accessible to any practising members. Since u have converted your tape into cd, i wonder whether u could post it in term of mp3 for those who might be interested to download it. thanks in advance. quote name=truth' date='Aug 3 2008, 12:16 PM' post='72678] Funny you mention Yan Xin just now My master just told me today since my progression is going good he is going to teach me an advanced form of Yan Xin Qi Gong later on ..I guess ill get back to you when he actually does:)
  3. new in the forum

    Hi, i am new here, i registered to know more about taoist qigong.............especially Yan xin qigong, anybody familiar with this practice.