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  1. Tea!

    I'm looking to hook myself up with tea, I'm a newbie to teas though. What I would like are suggestions or mixes of different teas that go well togther that I could try. Thus far I know that I like Chamoile, Oolong, Green, Licorice.. Maybe a few others but I don't currently recall. Otherwise I was also curious about teas that "are good for chi" if that makes any sense at all. I suppose any tea would be healthy unless it was poisonus or taken in huge, huge doses.
  2. I can't say for sure but had heard that when out of body, or anything out of body can change visual shape, and that it is normal practice.
  3. "Spritual Experience"? Never had one...

    My spirit guide has forceably and on multiple occasions caused my body/energy to bliss out, has spoken through me, communicated to my mind and communicated with a few of my friends. I find it very strange that she stook around for as long as she did(she is still around sometimes) becuase i'm only a beginner. It really solidified my beliefs though. When conversating at work with cooworkers.. and a powerful, warm energy swoops in.. and feels loving.. and the 2nd chakra starts to blast bliss... People used to think I was dehydrated and passing out at work. I've nearly OBE'd several times but always get to frightened when on the threshold. It's so freeeaky! EDIT: I've never done illegal drugs. I use Aspirin or Motrin for headaches and that's probably the worst of it.
  4. Taoist Third Eye Training?

    Damnit! I tried but couldn't find anyone teaching or groups practcing near my home. You lucky dog!
  5. $1.5million Fajin Challenge

    Right, if you say so. Just saying here that i've made enough progress without outside guidance or instruction other than book reading and practice that the answer is probably much different from what you suppose in your argument. IMO, anyway.
  6. Taoist Third Eye Training?

    Really, what method you use depends on the body of the person who mapped the area before you using internal sensing, sort of meditation or further guidance from someone who mapped it before him or her. Either wise you can use any method that has created success for the students who've tried it, and if you get really into a technique and start experiementing further, you may map out more of the energy structures in your head than the person whom you've been studying. Taoist, buddhist - it doesn't matter. I've seen a correlation between NEW(Robert Bruce and methods) and chi kung breating along the body and limbs - many practices overlap each other becuase the energy body doesn't seem to change too very much from person to person.
  7. $1.5million Fajin Challenge

    It's a wierd function, experimented online with a friend who lived in Norway, the image that appeared seemd to warp and shake but black leather gloves hanging on his wall were unmistakable. We were both thoroughly satisfied. Thanks for the Link Drew.
  8. $1.5million Fajin Challenge

    I thought the point of the post was to find someone willing to take up the challenge. Redgardless of how you feel about the prize money, isn't it more interesting if someone steps up to complete the challenge? Why are so many posts focused away from that simple point? Don't you dare answer me with exclamation marks. (Dorian)
  9. I'm wondering about the phenomenon of seeing colors and moving patterns with closed eyes and its origins. Can it be explained purely with mainstream medical science, or are there ways to distinguish what is caused by other things, like excess energy in the head or whatever. I've read somewhere that myopia can cause this, too. Myself, I sometimes for example see in darkness a circle starting from the rim of my view, moving inwards and once reaching the center, a new ring will form and move inwards, in an inerval of a few seconds. Besides that, it's never completely black. There's always some activity of faint, random fields of brightness. Not like when pressing on the eyeballs - much more subtle, but kinda related in style. My buddy Matt reports seeing a small glow when his eyes are closed in blackness and his hands pass infront of his face(during chi kung) I've noticed it, albiet not as noticably. I had not really payed it any mind until he mentioned it. Also, when directing intent within the body, sometimes bright or not so bright imagery appears. Depends on the area and that areas development I gather. The imagery does a great job of lining itself up with the actual feelings within the body. It's easier when the breathing is increased or the emotions pumped via Secret Smile. Oh, I see -K- mentioned it, too.
  10. Drunk on Energy

    You know, I have had similar moments when being sent energy from the higher chakras. Some of my favorites were uncontrolled and powerful deep laughter from deep in my belly. Not sure what to make of it. It's a very different laugh in nature from what my body uses in any other situation. Interesting since humour isn't always involvded either. My favorite transmission was a confident loving feeling that was sent into my chest from a wonderful spirit guide of mine. I've never felt so certain of my everystep and action. I just felt "full" as well as loving and confident. Chi/shen/Jing are wonderful things...
  11. $1.5million Fajin Challenge

    Actuall,y i've always thought Dorian comes off as a paid advertiser of Gary's products. I'm fairly certain he is paid to advertise on every post like he does. He might make a small percentage for everytime he can mention a DVD or technique, or get a cut everytime someone orders from one of his links. I've never even seen the most satisfied of customers act this way.
  12. $1.5million Fajin Challenge

    Drew, Please see my response to D-man. Or use a friends access to Facebook. You can borrow the password and username for the research. 2013.
  13. $1.5million Fajin Challenge

    Brother, You must be kidding. Just make a Facebook account. If you don't want your personal information - make a fake one with a one time use email address. Just pull out a pencil and piece of paper so you don't forget your login and passwords. I just want to scream, you can teach yourself Chi Kung and NieGung but you can't figure out Facebook? It's 2013!
  14. $1.5million Fajin Challenge

    Thank you.
  15. That doesn't make sense or assist the OP. Do you see where I liked my own post? it's becuase I know what i've said to be true.
  16. Greetings from a Jedi

    Good luck, if you want to work with chi, it's so very easy to start!
  17. Hello

    I missed this post. More than likely you'll come across your own answers depending on your practice. Even MCO practice is similiar to holding form in the gym. How you practice and what you practice(and how often) will determine your rate of success for your other post. Suggest additional reading on "Secret Smile" as a booster for your current practice. Also, would suggest supplementing MCO with energy sensing outside your body, ie; palm palpatations are a good start, and can be used on plants as practice(you study Botany) and your own body and is wonderful once you understand what these things feel like. Effects of chi kung and nei gung on the body are varied and range through widely - may be able to suggest further reading if you want to know what signs to look for. Good luck in finding information, and luck in your practice.
  18. What is the point

    Hehe, Your such a downer, V! :-D
  19. good "energy" toys ~$50

    Where orgonite is concerned, my buddy Matt made a few pyramids, he can feel the difference when practicing chi kung with his and he sent me one to use as well. I've also heard that Ram Das on Facebook makes excellent quality Orgonite, i'll know soon anyway. Right now i'm practicing Secret Smile, internal alchemy and the Micro Cosmic Orbit. Can anyone suggest how to best use Orgonite in these practices? The supplemental stuff like energy sensing inside the body and out is still difficult for me, and I haven't developed lots of interal or external "seeing" of energy as of yet. Feeling energy is different as I can feel a bit inside and out, and can pulse and squeeze the chi with my palms. I have trouble noticing the difference palpating energy around orgonite, though. Any tips?
  20. Water fasting

    Lets talk about this salt water thing. I've heard of it before. Does it have an official name?
  21. Ancient Egyptian symbols

    Thanks !!! I've always thought that the symbols hav meaning in breath, kundalini, higher energy.. Read about it in other sources, too. Maybe one day will know by experience. Great info Apech
  22. Spotless, Thanks for sharing your experiences. They are my favorite read! 6th chakra practice is part of what I do as well. Though i'm no where as empowered in that area as you.
  23. Have worked with a Christian with what is mentioned as "awakened" kundalini. It must have been strange for him.
  24. I prefer a bit of self massage and stretching. Then breath work is enough.
  25. I suppose it depends on the persons belief system. Self confidence or lack of really changes what a person can accomplish, or what organs are pumping need hormones through the body to make this stuff work. Old Green posted that the legs can't be added into the MCO until after three years. A man believed this enough to publish it as truth. My buddy Matt did it in under a year. Though in KAP that isn't a milestone, really. In fact Matt and I are hanging out this Fri. We are going to tear up Tampa! ;-D