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  1. Hi From NY

    谢谢, I'm still a total mandarin noob, but I have wacky dreams of being able to read wuxia novels within the year This forum is on its way to being one of my hobbies!
  2. Thoughts on Homosexuality

    What's "interfering" with your rights? Holding hands? Kissing? Marrying? Are you just as concerned with straight people "interfering" with your rights? If you want to play this card, lets look at the vagina. Vaginal intercourse is meant for inseminating the female egg with male sperm. So is having sex with a condom or with a woman on birth control unnatural? Your logic would seem to say yes.
  3. Hi From NY

    Hello, im 22 years old and have been interested in Buddhism for a while now, and I'm beginning to study about Taoism. I have lots of hobbies, and currently I am learning mandarin.