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  1. Deeper Studies

    So where I can find a place/monastery/temple/center with real masters with the possibility to spend a long period of intense training? I would really like master some skills but I dont know where......It is sad that wudang mountain have lost the real purpose of their teaching and have become a tourist trap.
  2. Deeper Studies

    Hi, I am a practitioner of Tai chu and Chi Kung for almost 4 years. I enjoy very much doing taichi and inner alchemy exercises. I would like to become an instructor and get an official instructor or teacher certificate but i dont know where i can get deeper knowledge of the tao disciplines. I have in mind to go to Wudang Mountains for several month or a year of training . Is that the best place to start? Any Suggestions? I really need help on these issue. Thank you very much
  3. Hellow

    Hi member I have found this site so helpfull, thanks to all to colaborate and all the interesting post tha i have found. I sure that i will get a lot of knowledge from you. thanks