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  1. Phowa

    Don't know much about it, but I do know its been an issue between the teachings of M. Winn and M. Chia. From what I remember, Michael feels its dangerous and a good way to leave the body for good, gives example of healthy Tibeaten adept dieing while doing this. Chia does it and then brings it back in. Michael says you don't (or might not?) get it all back. I believe there is an article still on HT, the "The Confusion on Fusion" or something like that. I personally don't think its a good idea...

    whoops, here's the link http://www.cloud-busters.com/CloudBusters/

    Hey RON and other folsk, Check this out! A way to lean up chemtrails and they mention Wilhem Reich. Haven't read the page yet, but wanted to pass it on.
  4. Quitting smoking ... any advice?

    I had to quit drinking for a few months in order to get rid of cigs. I was lucky about 6 months later, I bought a pack, lit up and opened my car door and yacked all over the pavement. Haven't been tempted sense. Don't get me wrong, it took two years of really trying before I actually quit. Probally helped that I smoked alot of reefer. Not a suggestion, just my experience. Now I've quit smoking pot and again gave up drinking (both over a month now), hopefully both for good. Its been a hell of lot easier than the nicotine. If I ever do either again, I hope its a very, very sporadic thing. Of course do lots of lung chi kung and I think that will help. I do arm swings (in front to chest level and back as far as I can go) , first with straight legs, then sinking onto the heels bent knees, then real gentle slight motion for a long time, all the while loving my lung shen and smiling. Good luck

    Z. Sitchen certainly changed my world view. It made much more sense than anything else I was taught or read. Supposedly the 10th planet is on its way!?