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  1. The correct healthy Diet

    Perhaps worth to look into might be the blood type diet theory. A friend had recently told me about it. It's basically like this: o is of the hunter/gatherer origin and thus fares best with a protein rich diet and hardly any grains and dairy. a is of the agricultural ancestors- a vegetarian diet rich in grains and vegetables seems to fit well b would be the nomads; they thrive on an omnivore diet including dairy ab would be between a and b. When I first heard about it, it sounded weird to me. But at least for me the recommendations given by this diet philosophy fit very well.
  2. Supreme Master Ching Hai!

    I think her organisation is an offshoot of these groups: I heard it is quite strict, no alcohol, no tobacco, no coffee, vegetarian and meditation for three hours every day. From what I heard the meditation focuses mainly on the third eye. This allows the practitioner to later meet the master on a spiritual plane. That's all I know about it.

    THis 'news' is from 1992. At least according to this site which I found after a google of the text. Any new news on it?
  4. So May 23rd to 25th Master Wang is also teaching in Moscow. Any more information?
  5. Improving eye sight

    Have any of you got experience with eyesight improving practices? I'm short sighted. I got my first glasses in my twenties about ten years ago. Then every one or two years I needed to get stronger glasses. Last year I got new glasses again. But I felt uncomfortable wearing them. So, I wore older, weaker glasses or weaker disposable contact lenses. I felt ok with that. The conventional optician theory though is that you should wear the glasses as measured. I'm thinking that I'd train my eyes by wearing glasses not that strong and thus stop deterioration a bit. Many years ago I read the book by Aldous Huxley in which he describes the Bates method (mostly palming) and how he improved his eyesight from I think -10 to -5. I never did that practice, though. Perhaps I should. Have any of you tried it? And then there is the yoga meditation method Tratak where you gaze at a candle. That will water your eyes and it is suppossed to be good for your eyes, too. It'd be really nice to have good eyes again.Living a modern life watching at the computer screen many hours and reading a lot probably makes that difficult. I know a number of people who had their eyes lasered but I'm not comfortable with that. I also heard that spending time in the mountains should be good for the eyes. Probably because you train them again to look far and because of the good air.
  6. The Bee Daoist at Wudan

    It looks like he has a bee hive at his cave.
  7. .

    Regarding clear signs I can only tell what my yoga teacher said and that confirms the above. If you have a kundalini awakening practice and if it's your calling to have the kundalini then very clearly one day you will feel the energy going first through the ida and pingali nadis and then the rising of the kundalini through sushumna. And apparently that it is very clearly the same for everybody - of course after many years of hourly breathing exercises and pranayama. Then he also talked about self realization- one's you're self realized you're free and you will know this very clearly. There will be know doubt about that. Regarding the dream of cutting peoples' heads that reminds me of Kali. You know the goddess with all these freshly cut heads that look very blissful on a string. They are very happy because Kali has killed their ego, so that they are free.
  8. In India there are ashrams that are located in quiet areas, where you can get accomodation and food for as little as 2-3 $ per day. I haven't been to one myself but heard of it. The friend who went there wasn't bothered by anyone and could do his practice for many months. So save up some money and off you go :-)
  9. I recently found this video: Here's the link: I didn't manage to embed the google video here. What do you think about it?
  10. Hello

    Hello guys, I've been lurking for quite some time. There are a lot of knowledgeable people here and many interesting topics. Great I finally took the plunge and registered. I've been interested in the cultures of the East, especially China and India for many years. I dabbled in all kinds of practices and am currently doing still meditation and a hatha yoga practice.