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  1. What is the Average Age of a Tao Bum

    There used to be a TV program called ( I think) the prisoner. His "catch phrase" was "I am not a number". The problem with with "facts": I'm 57 , female, British and "characteristics":I'm curious and "behaviours":- I'm talkative - are not all that we are or have been or even what we wish to be. By not revealing "facts" we are "free" to create a personna that is more in tune with who we want to be. On the other hand hiding behind a curtain of secrecy might indicate that we have something to hide or are merely being dense, provocative or simply to lazy to care about the feelings and perspectives of others. I would rather believe that most people were good and trustworthy and be disappointed now and then than live in the expectation that everyone was a lying good-for nothing .. So back to the question (sorry for the ramble) I'm 57 I started using the internet in 1973 ( before it was the beast it is now) I used to be a computer whiz kid ( punched card, paper tape will explain it for those old enough to know) . I passed my psychology at 50 and I took up tai chi at 49 and created a web site to share what I was learning ( www.everyday-taichi.com ) and did I mention I was curious?.. Hope that this helps make it easier to talk to me
  2. Taoist classics (free download)

    Can I be of help? I can offer some space for the files ( and some bandwidth for a month or two) that way people can load them into torrents or better file sharing accounts. I've enabled email notification for replies.
  3. Checking in

    A quick high before I go off to read ...