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  1. Introduction to Taoist Alchemy

    Are you of the opinion that the immortal light body can only be achieved with external props, IE a sexual partner (tantra) or the mixing and ingestion of magical potions (waiden,)? Or is waiden internal meditation?
  2. The Law of Attraction

    My opinion on the 'law of attraction' is that at best it's the new age equivalent of get rich quick schemes. The only people who are really doing well and attracting the wealth are the people writing the books and doing the conferences. The fact is most people on this planet are born into hunger, poverty and destitution. Now according to my understanding of the law of attraction, all the starving guy in Sierra Leone has to do is visualise wealth and abundance and all his dreams come true and he'll be fed - somehow. But isn't it safe to say most people cold, homeless and hunger are already visualising a nice warm bed and meal? Another point worth noting is that the law of attraction 'craze' was/is extremely popular in Wall Street, Banks, Lehman Brothers until they collapsed, ect. So the continuous desire to create wealth and abundance of 50,000 people left everyone else picking up the bill of trillions of dollars for there fraud. And make no mistake speculative banking is nothing more than an elaborate system of theft, fraud and enslavement of everyone else by stealth through debt and usury. No matter what you 'manifest' someone somewhere has to lose out. This is law that governs every aspect of nature and is unavoidable. The death or loss of one thing/entity/person feeds the life or gain of another. So buying a nice new shiny apple mac made in slave labour sweetshops to post pictures of yourself having parties and living it up on Facebook and participating in the 'creative force of universe' has very real unpleasant consequences for someone else and also the environment which is often overlooked. So we have to consciously question what it is we really want and weigh up the pros and cons of damage these objects do in obtaining them and try and minimise the unnecessary suffering we cause. The law of attraction also suggests to me that the universe somehow got creation, in particular your own creation and circumstance wrong. You are were you are by design and necessity based on karmic forces. I don't believe any amount of visualising can alter this as i've highlighted above or else billions of destitute people would have solved there hunger along time ago. Every second a super consciousness, The Tao, reads and analyses every single thought, every single living entity makes. The Tao already knows your desires before you even comprehend them yourself so there's no need to visualise anything. Just work on burning your desires and stabilising your emotions and overcoming your need for wealth and your fear of loss. That's the real route to wealth and happiness. Anything else is just a side path.
  3. Sorry wasn't clear in my post, I was answering the OP
  4. Kudos1000 your intuition is telling you to avoid the 'healer' by the sound of it.
  5. Micro-cosmic orbit - a question

    Thanks. Definitely agrre with "Either way, you don't want to force the energy, should be aiming to be focused yet somewhat effortless"
  6. Micro-cosmic orbit - a question

    Do you refine it through dual tantra or solitary breathing exercises? Also i've encountered some systems that say you should never ejeculate under any circumstance and to do so is black tantra/magic. Would you agree with this assertion? I've done celibacy before for about 6 months and regularly for 2-3 weeks at a time. I've heard to be celibate and not spill indefinitely is harmful. Yet others claim its harmful to spill. I'm confused about this issue.
  7. Micro-cosmic orbit - a question

    What's the 'watery energy of the LDT'? Regarding how to activate the microcosmic orbit. I once ate just rice and water for a few days and my micro cosmic orbit started working. I could feel a ball of energy about the size of golfball rising up my spine, over the top of my head, down my face and front of my body, back up my spine again and so on. But later that night I went out got drunk and smoked ciggerettes and I stopped feeling it. So toxins and 'unskillful' behaviour definitely limit your ability to sense it. I'll add that i'd been meditating for 7 years or so it might not just be your diet. However along with meditating i'd been eating a bad diet, smoking, drinking alcohol and sometimes taking drugs so that seriously affected my ability to sense these things. I had never realised how harmful these actions were in the past but now i've stopped drinking, drugs and eat a much better diet and can start to sense energies much, much better but not as strong as that one time. A few months ago I was meditating and my lower Dan Tian suddenly started rotating. It was an amazing feeling. Could feel it spinning in different directions and at a really fast speed. I went to make a cup of coffee and smoke a ciggerette and I heard a voice say 'you'll regret doing this'. I said 'Why?' and the voice said 'you'll see'. I had the ciggerette and coffee and I could no longer feel my dantian turning. Perhaps someone could clarify this but I don't think these things like microcosmic orbit/dantian rotation/kundalini rising can just be started mechanicaly by a particular practice but are activated by spiritual intelligences when your karma is right?
  8. Charities

    Do you think it's just pure luck that some people are born into a stable background with a roof over there head and plenty of food and relative comfort and just bad luck that other people will be born into war zones plagued by famine and misery?
  9. Must see info for our times

    Have some of greggs videos. very good. You can see some interviews with him on http://www.consciousmedianetwork.com/ ^^ free site by the way
  10. The folly of self annihilation.

    self anihilation is possible but it can only be experienced and not really grapsed intellectualy. in fact the more you ponder it intellectualy the more you stop it from happening. i've experienced self-annihalation before in deep states of meditation where there's no difference between you and the world around you, everything unifies to one. to be honest self transcendance is probably a better term to use than slef annihaltion.
  11. My life is over

  12. 5 element cycles

    Hey can anyone give me links of some texts (preferably printable) that can explain the elements and the interactions for a beginner? Thanks. I half understand what you guys are talking about as I've studied western occultism a bit in the past. However I find daoism appraoch to the elements a bit more down to earth though I'd still like some good grounding in the element theory.
  13. taoists and the military

    What country do you live in trailmaker where they have conscription? And is conscription very popular with the masses?
  14. taoists and the military

    I wouldn't join the army full stop. And luckily I doubt I'll have to either as I can't imagine fate/karma making me end up in the armed services.
  15. Who can remember past lifes?

    I once encountered some beings in spirit form who told me i'd lived either 4 or 5 (can't remember which) times before and this was my last incarnation. They didn't say what my previous lives were though I have the feeling I may have once been a solider/peasent in france. More than likely I had some spiritual involvement or training in another one as well. What animals? And was that before you were a human or did you get moved down to the animal kingdom for karmic reasons?