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  1. NASA Warns of Super Solar Storm 2012

    If you're scared then watch 'Knowing' 2009 with Nicolas Cage )
  2. i like what Bruce Lee said about it; you don't live -for-, you simply live
  3. Jingwu Martial Arts Association

    Hmm Jiang Rong Qiao - i read his "Xiezhen Mizong Quan" but left unsatisfied, probably because of the lack of my knowledge in the field of internal arts. The idea sounds pretty interesting, gotta check the book some day
  4. Jingwu Martial Arts Association

    I enjoyed these movies a lot, Bruce Lee's "fists of fury" and Jet Li's "fearless" both about Huo Juan Jia. I read in the internet a little about him and he seems to be truely inspirational character but that's a pity there is not too much informations about him and his Mizong Quan. I heard his friend Lu Zijan is still alive and well
  5. Why is jing so important in chi cultivation?

    from Rocky movie (dont remember which part): "Burgess Meredith: "Get outta here!! Don't you ever interrupt me while I'm conductin' business! Move your little chicken asses out!... Listen, kid, you! You lay off that pet shop dame. Women weaken legs." Stallone: "Yeah, but I really like this girl, ya know?" Meredith: "Then let her train ya!" Stallone: "... Okay, no more foolin' around." Meredith: "Okay, now hit." Stallone: "Women weaken legs, huh?" "
  6. China Being Poisoned by Its Food Industry

    very true, in europe older people say that when they were young, from 100kg of meat you got 60kg of ham and today from 100kg of meat you got 150kg of ham.. same with bread, its light and soft like a candy-floss, not to mention GMO, polluted air in urbanised cities, fruit juices which all include cancerogenic cells of moll coming from concentrate fruits.. if you dont find some private sellers, like family tradition bakery or eggs from normal old farm or stuff like that - you got a problem.. and beware of frankfurters
  7. The Fourth Kind (MOVIE)

    That dude Elixxir looks like Dr Abigail Tyler from The 4th Kind, maybe cousins
  8. I found it some time ago, an interview with Morihei Ueshiba' disciple - Koichi Tohei, dont know how true is this source; ; "The stories have gotten rather incredible since Ueshiba Sensei passed away, and now people are having him moving instantaneously or reappearing suddenly from a kilometer away and other nonsense. I was with Ueshiba Sensei for a long time and can tell you that he possessed no supernatural powers."
  9. how to gather yin chi

    Or this might have been translation error (if the info is from Kosta Danaos' books). Nothing sure in this case.
  10. Cultivating Chi

    Well, this animation on the wiki is just a silly example. I see this sh*t very clearly when im watching the bright sky. I got this visual snow after being knocked unconscious. It's connected (but not in all cases) with migraine aura. When i stand up too quickly, it's different than usual visual snow, then its like all the colors in dynamic chaos but i noticed that when i feel like im going to faint (i sometimes fell on the ground or had to resist against the wall) and i focus really hard, this feeling goes away and im fine. Btw. i was wondering if anybody could explane migraine aura in energetic reality. Because it's really weird experience and neurologists only have some unprecise theories about it and no effective cure.
  11. Cultivating Chi

    Nebulon, i think i see the same thing, but it's not connected with any kind of meditation or other spiritual practise, check this out:
  12. The Fourth Kind (MOVIE)

    Too many doubts in this topic to define any answer. They might have included Moon in this picture or not and then we might have a problem or might not.. Btw. these videos with disruptions where that dude in bed is levitating and screaming with this demonic voice - were they real? Because Milla Jovovich in the beginning say that they used true case material to make the story more real..

    The only part of Iron Bodyparts skill truely impress me is Iron Balls and these videos when one monk kicks another one between legs many times Out of jokes, it's really practical because groin are men's green kryptonite hehe