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  1. Stealing Life Force

    Thank you for your reply and insights and there are no new people in my area. This is not someone astrally traveling, as I mentioned above I am familiar with other types of beings etc this one was very unique, its purpose is to survive by draining life force, that was clear. While I thank you for your insights they are not correct in this case. Once again if anyone can point me in the direction of a very highly skilled, authentic, heart based master who can assist me I would appreciate it. Thanks
  2. Stealing Life Force

    I have an unusually low life force that recently has been getting lower. Last night while I was sleeping and semi conscious in my sleep state, I became aware of a presence in my room which then seemed to swoop down over me and literally I felt it suck the life force from my mouth. I have never experienced anything like it and I awoke with a start. It all happened very quickly and I have no experience in dealing with this particular type of being/person. I have been aware of many beings for a long time but the nature and energetic imprint of this one is quite unique and is not like any that I have detected before though I strongly suspect it has been around me for a while draining my life force. It feels like a highly intelligent being that has been doing this for a long time not only to me but this is how it survives and thrives. I know there are some masters who would be able to assist me with this so if anyone knows an authentic, heart centered master who would be skilled to assist me with this I would appreciate the feedback. Many thanks
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  4. You are welcome Jedi777, unfortunately it was not only my friend who was left traumatized but quite a lot of other people also whom I met as a direct result from Stuart working quite a job on them. Stuart can be fun and he is playing a dangerous game. So enjoy and have fun and dont believe a word he says.
  5. Manual wheatgrass juicer recommendations

    I have had a Green Star for years now, it is so amazing, I use it for so many things I am so happy that I decided to pay the extra bucks for it way back. It does cost more but boy is it worth it. I use it several times a week, awesome. Sorry dont know about manuals, looked into them quite a while ago but then decided the Green Star was best, thank heavens.
  6. Yes there is something to everything and ultimately nothing to it all. Just depends on what level you want to plug into the game really! So enjoy but discernment is a good thing to have with this work and with everything. Have fun it can be a blast until it no longer is
  7. Does anyone have the contact info/email for either Andrew Lum in Hawaii and/or Patrick Moon Thanks
  8. I have studied with Stuart Wilde and was one of his "specially chosen ones" for the club. Stuart is an excellent public speaker and makes a compelling case for his beliefs. However I found him to be a full blown fear monger, trying to convince people to enter into his reality, one based on fear, dark entities etc. To be honest I feel and saw that it seems he has done way to much aya and it has tipped him over the edge to brilliant madness, brilliant in that he is still able to convince large numbers of people to follow and buy into his reality and give him loads of dosh to do so and secondly just plain mad. Some of my friends were his followers, students whatever they called themselves for quite some time and he controls them by making them feel small, fearful or important depending on his mood and again taking loads of dosh from them. His strategy is quite brilliant and I would definitely recommend going to see him as it is quite a trip to go to his seminars but have discernement, see through his tales and fear mongering, pierce his veils of illusion and delusion and always check in, "is this true for me". The truth is this, that we do not have time for drama any more we all need to be in our truth and step away from fear mongering or drama. Stuart is existing in an old paradigm. My friends lost a lot of money and came away quite traumatized. I saw his game quite early on blessed him and just left.
  9. "A Hard Look At Mandatory Live Vaccinations and ACTION STEPS". This letter delivers urgent notice that dozens of health experts, religious leaders, and world leading scientists are condemning governments worldwide for going along with pharmaceutical industry-influenced plans to inject people with poorly-tested toxic vaccines this flu season based on fears of pandemic swine flu. Vaccine Action Essential Links Please assume your responsibility as a universal citizen and act now. If each and every American does as Gabriel asks we can deter a worldwide act of genocide. Your choice - humanitarian or victim, again. Thank you.
  10. COPIES FROM KUNLUN FORUM As with all information rather than dismissing it immediately due to limited belief systems, programming or just plain disbelief as it sounds just too out there to be true, it is vital that we all do our own indepth research and reach our own conclusions. FACT, bird flu was first detected some decades ago. The vaccine that they formulated to treat it KILLED more people than the bird flu itself, please feel free to do your own research on all of this if you need to so that you get your own information and therefore realize the value of it. This is FACTUAL information regarding the swine flu virus that has already become mandatory in certain states for certain age groups. Please check out these sites and read thoroughly. What is about to take place is unconstitutional and you are at risk. This is serious, potentially life saving information I have gathered after doing countless hours of research: (this is about swine flu and Baxter and so much more) (excellent words from David Icke from England) (excellent interview with key investigators of swine flu 2009 vaccine including Jane Burgermeister) (on this site click on " bioterrism evidence" by jane burgermeister, austrian journalist)EVIDENCE THERE IS FOUL PLAY GOING ON HERE. I have purchased highly effective supplements that can kill the swine flu and prevent it from surviving should exposure take place. It can also prevent any flu/virus/bacterial infection. We also need to exercise, wash our hands, take extra precautions when using public transportation and consider not flying by airplane after August, even before. I plan to use nasal colloidal silver and the other two products I've listed for my flight in August coming up. We must build our immune systems but more importantly tell EVERYONE WE KNOW about this and pass on this information. This is no joke and no conspiracy theory. Ahhh, I'm so sick of that term!!!!! It is a super brain-washed term to disempower those who are wise enough to find out the truth and share it with others. (mms, and colloidal silver, bionaid - used by NASA) MMS to fight all virus and bacteria used by NASA to fight viruses colloidal silver We need to all become conscious of what is going on concerning this vaccine. The number of people sick and the number of people dead don't add up. It is also nowhere near the amt of people that die every year of the regular flu. So far about 700 people have died from the so-called swine flu (produced in a lab at Baxter Pharmaceuticals) and 300-500,000 die every year worldwide of regular flu. Common sense. Something's up and the links I sent tell you what's really going on. The virus is scheduled to be leaked 3 times, each time getting stronger. The first has already been released. PLEASE Sign the mandatory swine flu vaccine petition against this horrid, unconstitutional act at this website: We are 99% and they are 1% We CAN make a huge difference and stop this madness from taking place but you must act now. Anyone who knows police officers personally, or anyone in any political positon etc, please pass this information on to them - particularly all the websites in this email so they have alot of factual data at their fingertips. When the shite comes down, will your police station in your town be on your side? Protecting the people? It's up to us. Much Love and Awakening Consciousness to All, Jane Burgermeister is doing amazing work on this issue and also check out
  11. namaste from india

    Hi and Welcome, is that a beautiful Sari you are wearing, if so can you send a bigger picture. Say Hi to India from me
  12. HIV immunity and Kunlun Nei Gung

    It never ceases to amaze me on this forum what little time you all seem to spend in practice. If you did you would find the answers for yourself and find little use of attempting to demean others due to overinflated egos. So Kunlun and weight and mental issues. Don't you realize that kunlun is first and foremost a purification process, what does this mean then in the context of these postings. It means that ones "issues" will usually get amplified and triggered strongly, therefore leading some times to seemingly mental instability, weight issues, ego inflation, hmmmmmm, etc. With time, hopefully a short period of time, they will pass through these stages, however I have observed people getting stuck for some time with powerful crystalizations of their neurotic pattern, whether they have ever come across Kunlun or not. Kunlun speeds everthing up, very quickly. The nature of these patterns is that we are blind to them, so there in lies the rub, how do we continue to grow when we are completely blinded to our stuckness/neurotic pattern that is stunting our growth. It is here that a teacher of friend whom we trust has great integrity steps in and holds up the mirror with great clarity, compassion, love and joy. Don't knock something unless you truly try it yourself, when you then call yourself an expert then you can with grace and elegance articulate your point of view with great wisdom to others.
  13. Honesty with people

    You only see through your eyes what you judge her to be. You judge her through your own distorted lenses as we all do. Leave her alone, stop judging her, if that is too difficult stop being around her until you can just accept her. Who is to say that what she is doing is wrong, who is to say there is a right or a wrong. I have found through life that many times those whom society judges as being stupid usually have the best hearts and those whom seem to be highly intelligent many times are not so heart centered. Just let it all go