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  1. Hello, I also have the neurosky mindset, it's actually pretty impressive, you can code programs for it in c java and assembly, and it has full raw EEG data output, comes with wireless bluetooth stereo heaphones and a headset unit so you can talk on the phone or skype with it as well. I'm creating a forum with Mindset and other EEG device users, I will give the link here shortly, I hope the mods don't mind, it's in no way competition for this forum.
  2. Hi, New here, not new to Taoism

    Hello everyone, I joined up a while back but finally posted here, I've been studying Taoism, Buddhism and meditation off and on for about a decade now, I hope to get more personal insights into practices than what I've read in books and on some websites, and discuss my own experiences once I fully delve into meditation.