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  1. Celebrating The New Year within Taoism

    I see... So, how do you celebrate it then? Are you just celebrating the first two days? And I wonder: Does America have any Temples?
  2. (I'm not sure if the title's correct, but... ) I am wondering - How do you celebrate New Year? I found this source on the internet, but I want some more information if it's possible. F.ex.: What is "lucky red packets" and "lucky food"? ( ) Thanks
  3. Plans for the Next Year

    First of all, since I'm still new to this, I'll try to learn more about everything that has to do with Taoism. I would like to get off some pounds And keep on working on my Bak Fu Pai
  4. Yin Yoga Question

    I would like to start doing some Yoga too... I'll follow this thread to get some tips
  5. I need more info...

    Is it possible to follow both paths?
  6. I need more info...

    Hm... interesting... I am going to figure that out
  7. Animals!

    Haha - they have been so much together so the cat have strated to waggle it's tail is the animal I would have wanted something from... to glide through the air from tree to tree I think I would be a Sugar Glider The most spiritual.... a butterfly... What a special life - egg, caterpillar and then the most beautiful insect
  8. I need more info...

    Thanks very much for info about Healing Tao I have decided to go into religion, and therefore I need som information. One more question: If you're in Taoi religion - how do you marry there? And are there any religious holdays? Like Christianity = Easter.
  9. Hei!

    Oh! I was hoping for a reply like that Because I connect flowers with harmony and peace
  10. Where are you from?

    So where on this planet are you from? I am from Norway - a small town with ca. 2000 inhabitants 90-100km. south-east of Oslo.
  11. Hei!