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  1. why money?

    Money is evil... But who knows a proper alternative to it?
  2. Where can I find a really good Tao teacher?

    I thank all of you for your suggestions! P.S. I should have mentioned that I'm from Germany, so the distance to America is a little too far.
  3. How and where can I find one?
  4. Violence

    The energy will repel the blade??! That sounds like a scene from Dragon Ball Z! Hard to believe... Do you know someone who is able to ward off physical attacks with his or her faat? But something is contradictory: When I was at school, there were some guys who bullied me. Although I haven't done harm to them. Why did the Tao allow this?
  5. Violence

    What would a Taoist do if someone threatens her or him with violence?
  6. Hello

    Hi! I think Taoism is really interesting and I'd like to know something more about it! Greetings from Germany