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  1. From a Buddhist point of view, emptiness is true understanding of the way things are. The way things are is devoid of any self-identity that makes them either separate or independent. To put this in other terms, If you are using "ego" as the self-grasping ignorance that causes us suffering than: Letting go of this ignorance would cause no difference in our day to day life. So letting go of ignorance(or ego if you will) only changes our understanding of how we perceive things* and changes nothing else, it is only integrating this understanding of emptiness with our day to day life that begins to 'enlighten us' that our intentions and actions begin to change. If you are using "ego" as the pyschological complex that makes up mental movements than: As long as you are living as a human being it cannot be ceased. When a mind exists mental activity will always exist, whether it be thoughts or different consciousnesses. However if by letting go you mean detachment than this detachment behavior has nothing to do with how your current mind functions but simply an attitude of recognizing mental activity as mere illusion(not non-existent but not existent from its own side) In short, the understanding of things as being empty changes nothing in your everyday life but your understanding of how things are*, so whatever concerns you have now for your own self-preservation will continue into your enlightened state. Anyways I hope that this makes sense, and if it does forgive me for all the mistakes and falsity. *These are very crude ways of putting the understanding of emptiness but what can you do If anyone would like please visit specifically this place is where i have gotten most of my research from. maybe.
  2. Is Crowley's Hga the same as buddha-nature or rigpa? maybe...