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  1. Ideagasms

    I was an Ideagasms member since nearly the very beginning. Alot of times throughout my membership I could see how us vs. them mentality and sacred language was being setup.. since I had studied alot on cults before.. but somehow I was still drawn into it.. seduced by the promise of spiritual fulfillment and peaceful, enlightened relationships. I never met Stephane in person, but it seems to me that he started out with some grain of wisdom to share with us all but it didn't proceed well from there. When I read that he was heavily drug addicted I wasn't really too suprised at all and I can almost imagine exactly where he is right now (having been drug addicted myself and spiritual deluded from it). The main thing I want to say is that I don't regret having spent my time or money there. Even though it was a fucked up situation.. it was exactly what I needed to learn and experience at the time, as well as everyone else who was there. Learning discernment was a big lesson for me, as well as trusting my own instincts and judgements. On top of that he introduced me to a broader world of spirituality which I am also thankful for, and would not have entered if it wasn't through his path. I don't know if anyone remembers this, but Stephane used to constantly say 'be your own guru'. At the time I thought this was a cop-out incase anything didnt work (I even suspected him then but didn't trust myself).. but now I see this is one of the core lessons that I actually learned and I am grateful for having learned from him. Enlightenment isn't outside you.. God isn't an outer phenomenon.. it's all inside.. you ARE your own guru.. always. You just have to learn to trust yourself and the perfection which you embody.. even if you are currently being Stephane. :-) -Guy
  2. Hello everyone!

    Well I'm from the south (USA) so I like my tea very sweet. :-) Thanks for the warm welcome! I voted in the age poll and put myself on the Tao Bum map. See you on the forum!
  3. Hello everyone!

    Hello! The main reason I came to this forum was to post on a thread about Ideagasms. I tried to do that already and I got an error message explaining that I need to come introduce myself in the lobby, so here I am :-) Other than that, I used to consider myself something of a taoist & buddhist.. I've moved away from that currently and I can't put a label on myself anymore... but mostly I now read the likes of Wayne Dyer and Adyashanti and meditate. I figure I might be able to get in on a few conversations here and there! -Guy