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  1. I'm starting to question myself

    After many years dealing with the same questions and uncertainties, I have come to the conclusion that there is a significant difference between religion and spirituality. Religion tends to be comprised of many rituals and traditions that have been created by men/women that only serves to segregate those who believe from those who do not. It is religion that is at the very core of hatred and bloodshed. Strip away the religion and we are left with a common morality that binds us together. For reasoning makes us human, but its compassion that forms the foundation of humanity. It is not the questioning of formal religion but rather the deviation from compassion that compromises the soul. Prejudices that we are taught, through religion, or culture, push us away from the Truth, not toward it. Break through the walls of prejudice that mankind has built. Embrace the unity of compassionate humanity. Its within this dimension that we are all united.
  2. Anyone on Twitter?

    Well hello all. I've been silently wandering through the site from time to time and have been fascinated by the depth and vision of folks here. While meditating from time to time, I tend to realize spontaneous insights into Tao or Zen, or similar as Im sure most of you have also. Until I found Twitter, I would come to these realizations of thought, and they would fade over time without having an outlet to express them. Now on Twitter I can post any realization that I have in real time using moble phone etc. I love it. I would like to invite everyone here to join twitter, so that you can post thoughts as they pop into existence. We can share these thoughts by posting your specific Twitter web site and we can link to each other that way. This is a really cool way of interacting realtime. In no way will it substitute for this site, because Twitter only serves as a spontaneous mechanism to post instantaneous thought and here we can take a collection of our Twitter thoughts and post here as a larger concept or topic. or open a forum topic for further in depth discussion. Anyway... Im at http://Twitter.com/Tao_Thoughts/ Anyway.. thanks for letting me join with you all. Looking forward to many more enlightening experiences as we share our unique perspectives all originating from the unity of Tao. -Tao_Thoughts