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  1. 200 Cows die - Wisconsin

    The Plot thickens ....
  2. I found this interesting article after talking with my Father in Law about the situation. Some always seem to try to come up with a plausible explanation when it seems nature is trying to tell us something of much deeper meaning. "Dead Birds Fall From Sky In Sweden, Millions Of Dead Fish Found In Maryland, Brazil, New Zealand Millions of dead fish surfaced in Maryland's Chesapeake Bay in the U.S., Tuesday, while similar unexplained mass fish deaths occurred across the world in Brazil and New Zealand. On Wednesday, 50 birds were found dead on a street in Sweden. The news come after recents reports of mysterious massive bird and fish deaths days prior in Arkansas and Louisiana. The Baltimore Sun reports that an estimated 2 million fish were found dead in the Chesapeake Bay, mostly adult spot with some juvenile croakers in the mix, as well. Maryland Department of the Environment spokesperson Dawn Stoltzfus says "cold-water stress" is believed to be the culprit. She told The Sun that similar large winter fish deaths were documented in 1976 and 1980. ParanaOnline reports that 100 tons of sardines, croaker and catfish have washed up in Brazilian fishing towns since last Thursday. The cause of the deaths is unknown, with an imbalance in the environment, chemical pollution, or accidental release from a fishing boat all suggested by local officials. In New Zealand, hundreds of dead snapper fish washed up on Coromandel Peninsula beaches, many found with their eyes missing, The New Zealand Herald reports. A Department of Conservation official allegedly claims the fish were starving due to weather conditions. While all three events are likely unrelated, they come after recent reports of mysterious dead birds falling from the sky in both Arkansas and Louisiana. Thousands of dead birds were found in Beebe, Arkansas on New Year's Eve, and a few days later, around 500 of the same species were found 300 miles south in Louisiana. A Kentucky woman also reported finding dozens of dead birds scattered around her home. In the days prior to New Year's, nearly 100,000 fish surfaced in an Arkansas river 100 miles west of Beebe. Officials are now saying that fireworks likely caused the Arkansas bird deaths, and power lines may be to blame for the death of the birds in Louisiana. Some remain skeptical of the explanations. Dan Cristol, a biology professor and co-founder of the Institute for Integrative Bird behavior Studies at the College of William & Mary, told the AP that he was hesitant to believe fireworks were to blame unless "somebody blew something into the roost, literally blowing the birds into the sky." Wednesday, officials in Sweden reported the finding of 50 dead birds on a street, suggesting that cold weather or fireworks were the likely culprit."
  3. howdy!

    Welcome Mr T!, I resemble that name! That's my Dads nickname for me ... HaHaHa! Anyways, welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have a lot of experience in the cultivation, looking forward to you sharing your views Cheers, TommyRyukyu
  4. Blessings

    Happy and blessed holiday seasons to you and your family Susan, as well as Santi's, and our extended network of friends and fellow practitioners near and far ...
  5. I just wanted to share with you all some benefits of my SpringForestQiGong practice. I have been steadily at it since February of this year. Up until September my standing/moving practice began to really suffer due to pain I was experiencing in my right hip. Inflamation, soreness, and the hardware from a 15 year old Motorcross accident were becoming more than I could bare. I felt through what my body was telling me it was time for it to come out. On November 24th they removed all of the hardware from my right hip. The main concern was taking 15 year old hardware out could shatter my femur which would have meant installing replacement hardware all over again or total hip replacement. By the grace of God, the love of my friends & family, prayers, and the collective positive energy of those who pulled for me I have come out of this intact. The residual effects of me having done springforest qigong (as well as some other energy practices) have helped me especially during this time as I am finding myself standing on my left leg a lot these days during recovery. The balance Ive learned has been priceless. I am bouncing back faster than any other time of any surgical procedure I have ever been faced with. Its going to take 3 months for the bone to close back up. I will keep working on my practice whether laying or sitting until I can move forward again. This is my testimony towards the internal/external energy arts. You never know when you will be faced with something like this. Im glad I have learned and practiced what I have thus far, and thank all of you along the way that have helped me learn something new. I hope you all have a happy and healthy holiday season to you and your loved ones. Cheers, Tommy
  6. The Secrets of Coral Castle

    Wow Vortex, I didn't know about that booklet!
  7. Meridian Energisers

    I recall seeing some instructions on making a set of steel ones ... I'll try to find for ya Island
  8. master liu he - immune boost qigong

    Hello Immortal Sister .... I have to say that is a really interesting set.
  9. RIP ~ Great Master Ruan Dong

    Hello Ron, I'd like to express my deepest condolences ... Namaste .. TommyRyukyu
  10. Wire Hitter

    HaHahahahaha Drew ..... Surely ... You jest! Thanks Susan for the tip Susan. For $2.79 and free shipping it's worth a try. My wife suffers from debilitating migraines maybe this will help, plus the putty in the hands thing too!
  11. Wire Hitter

    I found this device on one of the forums I go to when looking for parts. I recall seeing Mantak Chia using a similar device for hitting acupoints on the body. Effective .. Not Effective, decent price ... What do you all think? Meritline
  12. Dr. YanXin QiGong Vs. Spring Forest QiGong

    As always I appreciate the feedback ..
  13. Ok, I have an observation I wanted to share. In YanXin QiGong, the part where one hand is on front of the other. For males, right hand is on the inside, for females It's the opposite. in SFQ its the other way around. Any thoughts on why this is between these two systems as always greatly appreciated.
  14. What would YOU ask Chunyi Lin?

    I would ask "Would it be possible at some point in the future about expanding the curriculum of Spring Forest Qigong to other academic institutions across the US? If so, Could more research be officially applied for so data can be compiled, analyzed, and condensed? Does he see the day when Western Medicine and TCM will become the standard for health care in the U.S.? Full accreditation?