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  1. The 7 day raw transition challenge

    my boyfriend is muslim, and ramadan is coming up-- so while he is fasting, i'll be doing the raw diet. its my little way of offering support to him and doing my thing at the same time. I'm sure I'll be grouchy as hell the 1st few days, but at least i have a couple of weeks to ween myself off the sugar, fats, etc..... first. I'm also allowing myself one fully cooked, meat included meal on the weekends. I'm interested to see how much weight I'll drop with almost a month of this
  2. The 7 day raw transition challenge

    I'm definitely in for 7 days, but I have to start Monday b/c tomorrow is my birthday, and I'm going to my mom's for dinner (she is an INCREDIBLE cook). I'm doing just the veggies, fruits, & nuts. I don't think I can handle raw eggs/fish . . . yuck. Hey, I was looking for a good detox too, but there are a thousand websites w/ a thousand different detoxes. I don't know why I want to do it. . . just feel like I should. Any good advice? Does eating like this for a week count?
  3. Help me find a martial art

    You should look into Wing Chun. I think it is incredible. I will also say that FMA (Inosanto Kali*) is great. Everybody has a preference for which type of martial arts is best. I think it depends on who YOU are, how your built, how your body moves.
  4. Dog Whisperer

    i have a 90 pound dog that can be a pain in my ass at times (but I love him dearly anyway), so i'm looking forward to reading his book (I think it is something like "Cesar's Way").
  5. Tatoos

    I have a sun on my right hip and a moon on my left. I'm getting a tree up the middle of my back -- the problem is I haven't figured out which tree yet. I change my mind all the time, but always end back up with the willow tree. When I've stuck with it at least 3 months without changing my mind I'll get it. and, I've got one on my shoulder that I will eventually get covered
  6. hi all

    i guess i'm not one for details b/c i just noticed the "newtopic" icon, and i've been trying to figure out how to post (well, i guess not trying too hard if i only just noticed it). i've only had internet a couple of months and my boyfriend has unfortunately just turned my tv, which has only worked as a dvd player for the last several years, into a full cable television tv . . . but don't worry, today i'm taking the cable to the tv and throwing it away (he has his own house and his own tv for that)!!! i do keep up with the news, so i'm not disconnected from the world, but i am really glad that i finally have internet if its not raining you will find me at the hiking in the woods by the river, at the lake, or at the beach....none of them are too far from my house. i dabble in a lot of things spiritually. i'm interested in a lot of things taoism offers, and so . . . here i am. it'll be nice to meet some people who don't think hell is immediately following my death (i live in the bible belt)