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  1. How many Bless their food?

    Didn't mean to push your "yuck!" button. Hope it wasn't too close to meal time. Someone I know just explained that using Qi on food could actually energize it. In turn, energizing the consumer...hmmm...
  2. How many Bless their food?

    In medical qigong, you are using chi on the living to heal. Can you remove sick chi from the dead? How does this relate to food and can you make rotting food "clean" so that it can be eaten? Just trying to push some buttons!
  3. How many Bless their food?

    Darin, For what it's worth, I was raised Catholic. I was taught that the "Almighty Father" IS judgemental. Hence, "judgement day." To say there is a God separates us, mentally, from the universal energy. My arguement with my priest (in my youth) was that if God embodies everything, am I not God? Boy! Did that statement piss off our priest! The Tao does not seperate us. We are one.
  4. How many Bless their food?

    Maybe I'm not familiar with Reiki, but I thought it was a healing art. With that in mind, how can you heal food, such as plant or animal, that has given up its life? And "cleaning"? I don't understand? The concept of God comes from Middle Eastern and Western mythologies. An entity that judges. The Tao just "is". I have no problem with thanking the universal energy, the Tao. I just have issues with the concept of a God. But that's fodder for another topic.
  5. How many Bless their food?

    I need clarification on your question of "taoist source." Is there more than one tao?
  6. How many Bless their food?

    As far as thanking a god or creator for our food, in taoist terms, is like thanking my invisible playmate. The tao is not an entity as is believed in religions. Now, when it comes to Reiki, my understanding is it works on the living. Does it work once the plant or animal has died?
  7. How many Bless their food?

    Hi all! New to this site and I found this topic interesting. The North American native view point is to thank the origin of the food (i.e. the plant or animal from which it came) with the idea that one day our bodies will return to the earth and give back in the form of nourishment to other plants and animals, therefore, completing the circle. They believe that we are not above or below any plant or animal, but rather, equal as living creatures. Creatures existing on this living, breathing, vessel called mother earth.
  8. Hi, everyone! I'm very happy to have found this site! I have been fascinated by Taoist thought for almost two decades. Hoping to share ideas and smiles!