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  1. good "energy" toys ~$50

    I got something similar for a present..and..it didn't work so great. But mine wasn't as high end looking as that one. So, it could work better. Pictures as others mentioned make me feel good also. Especially photos I've taken myself, so the experience is connected to the picture. Also I have a dish/bowl someone made for me. I throw my random keepsakes in it...marbles..acorns..er..little stuf that is meaningless to anyone other then me. I'm also a sucker for sea monkeys..they fit nicely on a desk or small space. And beta fish are cool. They aren't high maintenance like other fish. I'm sure there are other ideas I'm missing..those are just some of my standards.
  2. What is (romantic) love?

    Luckily you got some really good answers after posted, and I don't have to ramble now. I don't give much credence to it either, but that's my personal belief system in play. Even so, I can see why people bring this up for a couple of reasons. The two times I've fallen in 'romantic love' there was a connectedness that felt so immediately right and natural that it seemed it needed to be explained somehow...kismet..serendipity..chemistry..past lives? Both times I was whumped on my butt..saw fireworks..had the heart tug thing..all of it. I was attracted to their mind, body, and spirit equally. It's a different feeling from lust. Or from friendship. So I can see the desire for people to try and give meaning to it. Also, I think this is a way for people to justify the concept of 'soul mates'. There are also various reasons people feel a desire to do this. Either they're looking for someone or something they haven't found, so...they explain their waiting as looking for their soul mate. Lots of people out there put lots of energy into this ideal idea. Also the idea of a soul mate explains away heart ache in an easy way. It lets a person attach an immediate easy meaning to heart ache..'I wouldn't feel this bad if someone/something hadn't ripped my soul mate away from me'. It's a way of dealing..without having to deal. By attaching a reason that's beyond your control is sometimes an easier way for people to deal with intense emotions. The idea of a soul mate can also explain for some people why they are capable of falling in love more then once in life. I think some people feel guilty about this. If they can explain it to the past life soul mate theory, it relieves some of their guilt. Again, it gives them an easy way out to deal with intense emotions. If someone can attribute one soul mate to a past life, then it should work with multiple soul mates also. This whole thing was a good transition ^ And made me pause to think. People definitely shouldn't feel like their falling in 'romantic love' all over the place. If so, then your life would be miserable I agree that would be forms of 'imitation love'.
  3. What is (romantic) love?

    oh..you know.. I think I have somethings that are personal..and relevant to add to this. But, I tend to ramble, so I'll come back when my thoughts are more succinct. It's definitely a topic I've done a good deal thinking about all year. And my previous beliefs have gotten rattled a bit the past couple of years. And...I'm still struggling daily with some ideas around it. So..I'll post more later. I need to think how to relay the personal stuff, and still apply it in general terms to the specifics of the topic.
  4. ..possibly true... But, I'm thinking all the exposing myself to dust and germs in life will make me impervious to all things bad and deadly : P It's my plan..and I'm sticking to it. ..who knows.. maybe I'm so bullet proof now.. that a b-2 could crash, and it'd just bounce off my head : )
  5. What are you listening to?

    I just went and read the news releases. He was 62 (which I didn't realize) ..and had been married for 37 years..and people already thought he died once back in the 80's.. So, actually not too bad of life. 62 isn't old..but for a rocker it seems respectable enough. ..time for few regrets and all. I'll have to listen to goo goo muck some time today in memorium.
  6. I just leave my dust...it just makes me stronger... ..I live right by stealthy sorts of air bases. So...I'd never know how to assess my imminent danger. I'm either doomed, or golden.. I've never been able to decide on a daily basis
  7. Hi From 'Me'

    Thanks to you also : )
  8. What are you listening to?

    TP and Mudcrutch - Scare Easy
  9. Hi From 'Me'

    Thank you. Verily : )
  10. Hi From 'Me'

    Hi. It seems silly to start a whole new thread for one introduction... But it seems that 's the way of it. I'm Tegan. Not really...but real enough. The name suits me. So, I'm Tegan.