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  1. Passing the hat around for Gossamer

    Nope...we're still here. On Stig's advice, we've been keeping a very low profile and waiting. We are still very committed in putting this behind us once and for all so that we can live without contstantly checking the internet for Albion/Gossamer's defamatory statements about my husband. I've gotten the vow (initially proposed by RogerJ) completed- though it would still needs Stig's ok- so if Gossamer decides he's more interested in healing than in hanging on to his imaginary grudge (I know it's "real" to him) we're all set. In the meantime, I'm going to continue browsing topics and getting an education on Tao. Blessed Be... Snakecharmer
  2. Passing the hat around for Gossamer

    LOL...thanks for the suggestion! That part will likely be amended or edited out. Normal Karmic return for breaking the agreement- provided Gossamer agrees to it- should be enough. We all know that Karma is a real bitch to deal with. I don't care how 'good' you are at shielding...there's no blocking it. Snakecharmer
  3. Passing the hat around for Gossamer

    Thank you Stig. Let me work on it for a few...I'll send it to you to see what you think. Snakecharmer
  4. Passing the hat around for Gossamer

    Stig, Rodgeri & my new friends here on the Bums- I am by nature normally an impulsive creature (an Aries to the bone). However much I desire an end to this soap opera you've been witness to, I can't just impulsively agree to taking that vow. I hesitate to do this because it's (to my mind) redundant. I am bound by not only the Wiccan Rede against doing harm . but also the Laws of Ma'at: Verily I have come to thee, I have brought to thee Ma'at. 1. I have driven away for thee wickedness. 2. I have not done iniquity to mankind. 3. Not have I done harm unto animals. 4. Not have I done wickedness in the place of Ma'at. 5. Not have I known evilness in my actions. 6. Not have I acted wickedly. 7. Not have I done each day and every works above what I should do. 8. Not hath come forth my name to the boat of the Prince. 9. Not have I despised God. 10. Not have I caused misery. 11. Not have I caused affliction. 12. Not have I done what is abominable to God. 13. Not have I caused harm to be done to the servant by his chief. 14. Not have I caused pain. 15. Not have I made to weep. 16. Not have I killed. 17. Not have I made the order for killing for me. 18. Not have I done harm to mankind. 19. Not have I taken aught of the oblations in the temples. 20. Not have I purloined the cakes of the gods. 21. Not have I carried off the offerings of the blessed dead. 22. Not have I fornicated. 23. Not have I defiled myself. 24. Not have I added to, not have I diminished the offerings. 25. Not have I stolen from the orchard. 26. Not have I trampled down the fields. 27. I have not added to the weight of the balance. 28. Not have I diminished from the weight of the balance. 29. Not have I carried off the milk from the mouth of the babe. 30. Not have I driven away the cattle which were upon their pastures. 31. Not have I captured the birds of the preserves of the gods. 32. Not have I taken the fishes [with bait] of their own bodies. 33. Not have I turned back water at its season. 34. Not have I cut a cutting in water running. 35. Not have I extinguished a flame at its hour. 36. Not have I violated the times for the chosen offerings. 37. Not have I driven back the cattle of divine things. 38. I have not repulsed God in his manifestations. I, even I, am pure. Times four.[16] And the Negative Confession: 42 Negative Confessions 1. Not have I done wrong. 2. Not have I despoiled. 3. Not have I robbed. 4. Not have I slain men: twice. 5. Not have I defrauded the offerings. 6. Not have I diminished [oblations]. 7. Not have I despoiled the things of the god. 8. Not have I spoken lies. 9. Not have I carried off food. 10. Not have I afflicted [any] 11. Not have I committed fornication. 12. Not have I made to weep. 13. Not have I eaten my heart. 14. Not have I transgressed. 15. Not have I acted deceitfully. 16. Not have I desolated ploughed lands. 17. Not have I been an eavesdropper. 18. Not have I set my mouth in motion [against any man]. 19. Not have I raged except with a cause. 20. Not have I defiled the wife of a man. 21. Not have I defiled the husband of a woman. 22. Not have I polluted myself. 23. Not have I caused terror. 24. Not have I committed offense 25. Not have I inflamed myself with rage. 26. Not have I made deaf myself to the words of right and truth. 27. Not have I caused grief. 28. Not have I acted insolently. 29. Not have I stirred up strife. 30. Not have I judged hastily. 31. Not have I been an eavesdropper. 32. Not have I multiplied my words upon words. 33. Not have I harmed, not have I done evil. 34. Not have I made curses of the king. 35. Not have I fouled water. 36. Not have I made haughty my voice. 37. Not have I have I cursed God. 38. Not have I committed theft. 39. Not have I defrauded the offerings of the gods. 40. Not have I carried away offerings from the beatified ones. 41. Not have I carried off the food of the infant, not have I sinned against the god of the town. 42. Not have I slaughtered the cattle divine.[1 Excerpts from 38 negative Confessions: 1. I have not done evil to mankind. 2. I have not oppressed the members of my family. 3. I have not wrought evil in the place of right and truth. 4. I have had no knowledge of worthless men. 7. I have not brought forward my name for exaltation to honors. 8. I have not ill-treated servants. 9. I have not belittled a god. 10. I have not defrauded the oppressed one of his property. 11. I have not done that which is an abomination unto the gods. 14. I have made no man suffer hunger. 15. I have made no one to weep. 16. I have done no murder. 17. I have not given the order for murder to be done for me. 18. I have not inflicted pain upon mankind. 22. I have not committed fornication. 26. I have not encroached upon the fields of others. 29. I have not carried away the milk from the mouths of children. 30. I have not driven away the cattle which were upon their pastures. 38. I have not obstructed a god in his procession. I am pure! I am pure! I am pure! I am pure![18] As you can see, I have some rather stringent standards that I hold myself to. So, despite my natural inclination I don't make vows lightly nor without meditation. I will let you know. Snakecharmer
  5. Breathing

    Oddly enough, you really don't think about something as involuntary as breathing until you're told that you need to do it differently to achieve a certain goal. For example: the proper way to breathe to achieve meditative state, to balance one's Chi, focus one's intent for magickal workings, raise energy or even to give birth (another basic bodily function we take for granted) Mal, Monk or anyone else interested...can you post some breathing exercises on list for meditating, balance and energy? I have some I use that work for me from when I practiced Tai Chi but am always interested in learning more. Thanks, Snakecharmer
  6. Passing the hat around for Gossamer

    Dear Stig, Please know that both David and I are still in for the "long haul". I hope that Gossamer will change his mind, stay and work towards the healing that will no doubt benefit all of us. Thank you for your work and patience thus far, Snakecharmer
  7. Passing the hat around for Gossamer

    Never thought that I'd be involved in one when I joined!!!!!!! Thanks for the luck- I appreciate it. Snakecharmer
  8. Passing the hat around for Gossamer

    Stig, I can and will abide by each of the 'rules of engagement' to the best of my abilities. Who's going to play mediator? Snakecharmer
  9. Passing the hat around for Gossamer

    Absolutely...I'm in. We're all on on a path of learning...when we cease to learn, we cease to live. Snakecharmer
  10. Passing the hat around for Gossamer

    Dear Stigweard, Yes, I would like this ended, any help you can give towards that end would be greatly appreciated. Blessed Be, Snakecharmer Well said. I couldn't agree more. Snakecharmer
  11. New Member Intro

    LMAO....EXACTLY!!!! Memo to me: LOOK before you type!!!!!
  12. New Member Intro

    DUH...teach me to look before I rely!! Thanks for the welcome Mal! smile.gif It really is: not as relaxing as Tai Chi but definitely energizing, very good for you and certainly helps women get back in touch with her 'girliness'. I played volleyball & ran track in school so I had no trouble with being fit but dancing gave me something different. Tai Chi, oddly enough, has helped with my with balance, grace and endurance. Blessed be, Snakecharmer
  13. Passing the hat around for Gossamer

    As Argentum's wife, all I can say is "wow". I was reading this thread and am pleasantly surprised that the things written by Albion/Truth Committee/Gossamer aren't being taken as gospel and that perhaps he's finally being seen for what he really is. The claims he made about my husband are completely false. I've had the dubious pleasure of having read this same trumped up story on literally dozens of different groups over a time frame that spans 6 years. The only thing that's changed in them is that he's ruined more of his own equipment and gotten more outlandish in his claims about my husband-all of which is based on a ridiculous, invented quarrel. I think that you might find it interesting to know that we've gotten 2 recent emails from Albion/Gossamer in which he threatens my husbands life (both of which have been turned over to local police). I've had to deal with this issue for three years now:watching my husband go from group to group to group dealing with the accusations. It seems like it never ends. It is my deepest hope that Albion/Gossamer can make peace with himself, stop blaming my husband for whatever imagined ills he has and move on. We're just trying to live our lives with harm to none. May You Always Blessed Be... Snakecharmer
  14. New Member Intro

    Hi All! I'm 'Snakecharmer': I live in Arkansas, am a founder of two local belly dance troupes, practicing Wiccan priestess, lover of Tai Chi and proud mother of two adult age children. Looking forward to getting to know more about Taoism and similar philosophies. Blessed Be... Snakecharmer