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  1. Dr Sha?

    Hi Vortex, Ha ha, kind of fun calling you vortex! Yes I have met and studied with Master Sha personally. I have seen auras since I was a kid and studied with masters in India, etc. but I have never seen such clear auras as Master Sha and his primary students. Actually seeing how clean his Master Students were was actually what hooked me into studying with him. I can honestly say I want my aura to look just like theirs. Since I have been studying with him my aura is getting clearer and purer....I am stoked....and it feels wonderful. It takes a lot of purification actually, but Master Sha really gives great help in moving through the purification process. Dear Jan1107, I totally agree with you about trusting yourself, and following your own intuition. It is the Key! I have struggled with the balance between giving my power away, and trust, with every powerful spiritual Master I have worked with. What I have seen, though, is that the more I trust my inner kowing, the more intune I am with Spiritual Masters. I always run a test with them. I check inside of myself for the answers to questions, than ask them the same questions. I always get a response intune with my knowing with a real Master. I then know I can trust them with things I don't already know the answer too. It my own little way of testing, ha ha. Unlocking the inner knower is continuing process for me, and Master Sha directly teaches how to do it....this means he teaches how to listen to ourselves NOT him. Master Sha teaches Soul Language, Soul Song, Soul Dance, Soul Healing, etc. The whole premise of all of these techniques is to let our inner intuition or Soul express itself through us so we are no longer bound by ego and the mind. All the techniques serve the purpose of trusting ourselves. Ourselves being Divine Souls. Keep in mind that just being around a Master is challenging. Our energy bodies will want to match their high frequency and which sparks all of our blocks and concepts to pop up! Master Sha is incredibly respectful and honors deeply the service or others. At the last retreat I had tears of joy seeing a whole group of Christian ministers and Master Sha all talking about their love of God and bring unity to the world. The common mission went totally beyond religious beliefs, doctrines, etc.. I have waited a long time to see that....actually most people were in tears of joy seeing the joint efforts to bring peace and understanding to all people. I have studied with negative teachers who just pointed out all the bad in their students. This is never helpful as the focus on the negative actually strengthens it. I haven't seen Master Sha do this, however, I do understand how hearing the stories of how negative karma was accrued could be taken that way. I suppose more readings are given of the bad karma than the good because more people are clearing the bad Karma than Good Karma...ha ha. But he does give good Karma too. This basically sets the stage for very auspicious future lives. I had a reading done when I was given that and was told all the good, juicy stuff that could happen in the future from it. It goes both ways. I struggled with the whole Karma thing UNTIL I had my Karma cleansed. I now feel lighter and less bound by habit. It is easier to move through my habits. I hope that makes sense. FYI it is also possible to be GIVEN good karma too. The ability to have 15000 years of Karma removed in an instant is no light thing. It is a service to humanity almost beyond comprehension. I think most people don't really realize the gift that they are being given which is why the readings are given......what a huge blessing if we really don't have to pay back all the negative Karma we accrued....I mean.....if its real.....that is REALLY something else, don't you think!!!! And my experience tells me it!
  2. Dr Sha?

    HI Guys, You guys ever seen the Matrix? Everyone believes one thing is happening in reality, but the truth is much scarrier! And much more amazing. I thought the movie was great in that it showed: 1. Most people function in an illusory version of reality 2. How scary confronting reality can be 3. It gave a concept of what was possible in human evolution once one embrassed reality and chose to function in it. I am refering to Neo's abilities at the end of the movie. I have been on the spiritual path and a meditator for over 25 years now. I can honestly say the transformation of my view of reality is nothing short of unbelievable. I also do not share many of my satori experiences as most people wouldn't believe me anyway. But the truth remains, the Divine is within us, and spiritual laws such as Karma are impacting all of us wether we choose to acknowledge it at all. I am sure when Jesus was alive and spoke the truth many people were offended...which is pobably why he ended up on the cross. Should he have not spoken the truth then? I personally am grateful that he did. I have studied my whole life with spiritual masters and can honestly say Master Sha is a huge saint with a connction to the Divine I have never seen before. His talks on Karma are not meant to scare anyone, it is simply how life works, and he is giving the opportunity to live according to that reality. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that when I function according to spiritual law, my life is in the flow of the Divine. When I chose to live my life MY WAY, then my life crumbles all around me. So the big question for me has been....what really is spiritual law. Learning to live by the laws of physics have given us technology. learning to live by the laws of electro-magnetism have given us the light bulb, and everything that powers our lives with electricity. Learning to live by the laws of Spirituality gives us enlightenment, peace, bliss, and a healthy life AND PLANET. Master Sha explains and teaches how to live by spiritual law in the simplest way I have ever heard. Another way to say this, is he teaches how to live from our soul knowledge instead of our mind knowledge. He has a book called Soul Wisdom which is basically a collection of techniques to learn how to function beyond the mind. It is amazing actually, and has allowed me to function in this reality at a totally deeper level.
  3. Dr Sha?

  4. Hello All

    Just thought I would say Hi to everyone. I've been a meditator for about 27 years and studied for most of that time with some wonderful spiritual teachers here in the USA, and in India. I currently also study with a master from China as well. All that, and I still remind myself everyday to look inside for the answers! ha ha