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  1. Do You Train Martial Arts?

    I mainly study wing chun, I have studied the longest in TWC (William Cheungs version), been breifly introduced to Leung tings version (WT) and now study Wong Shun Leung wing chun which I've found to be the most effective for me. Once and awhile I'll do some bjj, boxing, and eskrima.
  2. grip strength

    These are some great grippers! I have the #1, #2, and am working on the #3 right now brutal workouts. Another thing to help with grip is levering also called sledge hammer training. I had an old barbell that I wasn't using anymore so cut it into 24 inch piece and the other was I think 36 inches or lil bit longer, with that I clamp on a 5lb weight or more to the end and do various exercises (holding bar at 1 end and lifting up/down like a handshake, helicopters, rotating side to side etc) Personally I found that just training the grippers few times a week I wasn't making great gains once I started doing the levering my grip increased alot. Oh and if you get a chance try to watch Magnus Samuelsson The worlds strongest arms dvd, shows various clips of how he trains and everything that man is a beast !! oh forgot to add he was also in Sweden's Dancing with the stars Magnus Dancing with the stars
  3. quick hello =)

    Hey everyone! I'm 23 and been practicing kungfu for the past 6 or 7 years, and doing qi gong here and there. I joined this forum to learn more about Taoism