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  1. Taoist classics (free download)

    Argh... I will try and dive into this later...
  2. Taoist classics (free download)

    Ok, never did this before, so I hope this goes OK. Attached the .torrent to this post. (which doesnt work, argh). Get the torrent here: I can't leave my computer on 24/7, hope you understand. So I hope in a few days enough people got it as well, AND seed it as well. Please help spread it further once you got it yourself!
  3. new development in quantum mechanics

    More books to read I guess I've finished Dynamic Tao. Although the book in itself is fascinating the author gives a new twist to the Dao De Jing that I'm personally not too sure off. Aside of that, the style of translating the DDJ is something that defenitally does not fit me. I assume that has to do with him being a scientists, and me being the total opposite. Brain just works differently. Its hard for me to do anything with the way he translated Laotzu's work.
  4. Complete Taoist Internal System

    You can get all you need to practice iron palm for a few dozen dollars from Make your bags yourself, buy the book, and proper dit da jow, and you're all set to go. The only secret is you have to do it everyday without shortcuts, and follow the guidance to its letter otherwise you might permanently damage your hand. If followed to the letter its actually very beneficial to your health. I did iron palm training for about 3 years until we got a kid, then it was simply impossible to go train and leave him alone. When he goes to school I do plan to pick it up again. OK, not entirely on-topic (sorry about that), but I just wanted to react to the costs of that iron palm program. There are no secrets in martial arts, its just about repeating something a zillion times to get it correct and make it your own
  5. new development in quantum mechanics

    In the same line, anyone here read "Dynamic Tao and its Manifestations"? It explains the Dao De Jing in a scientific framework and uses quantum mechanics to do so. I'm still in the process of reading it, but find it fascinating so far. The two go very well together.
  6. drunken fighting style

    BTW.... Read Shahar's book "The Shaolin Monastery". Its is a proper scientific peer reviewed historic book on the northern shaolin temple. Reading that you will see the monks were not that well known for barehand fighting at all. These days its normal you go through barehand forms first before stepping up to weapons. Back then, they started right away with sticks, which is the weapon Shaolin became known for. There are too many myths and stories, and too many people who want to believe them Real kungfu does not look like contemporary wushu.
  7. drunken fighting style

    No I'm not Monks who are not allowed to drink do drunken kungfu? If you are referring to the 'monks' that are in any of the shaolin temples now (northern or southern) please check their history since Mao came into power. They hardly resemble what have been named monks before that time. But feel free to believe what you want to believe, it wont affect my kungfu
  8. drunken fighting style

    Drunken style is made up by Jackie Chan. Whenever you see a hand formation like holding a cup and stuff its after his movies. There are some moves here and there in styles though, we have the drunken steps in Hung Kuen's Tiger & Crane form for example.
  9. Taoist classics (free download)

    Hmm that is weird, I don't think I ever engaged that limit ... If they say it is so then I guess it is so! Although I use Bittorrent I never made a torrent. If sufficient people express their wish for a torrent here I don't mind looking up how I can make one, and leave my computer on for long enough so that enough others have the files as well so it can spread further from there. Just let me know guys, I don't see any other replies on the torrent issue yet, so... I have all the files here locally now, including the last one.
  10. Taoist classics (free download)

    Very nice downloads, thanks! Rapidshare is not the easiest to use indeed, waiting times... Maybe some torrent would help indeed for those who know how to use it. I took the time yetsreday to get 'm all. There is no 10 user limit, but there is a waiting time inbetween each download. There are also torrent clients for Mac. A torrent is basically a small file that points to the original files meant to have. You load that torrent file into your torrent client, and then it will download the original files you want to have from everyone who has them available. Its a lot easier and faster then rapidshare. Best let someone who knows how to work with torrent make the torrent file, and make that avilable on this forum. Then everything goes from there
  11. cut my finger

    Get Yunnan Baiyao powder. If you swing around with swords IMO you should always have some of this handy. Theres a red pill enclosed as well which according to the description should be used on gunshots... I dunno about that as I never experienced those but the powder itself saved me from going to a doctor for stitches quite a few times. Bleeding stops within a minute or so as well. When in martial arts it pays off to read stuff like Tooth of the Tiger's Mouth by Tom Bisio and get some basic Chinese Sports Medicine skills.
  12. Hello!

    Thank you Mal I noticed there's a few martial arts practitioners here already Hung Kuen is 5 animals and 5 elements indeed. We have one form called Fu Hok Seurng Ying Kuen which is the Tiger Crane double fist which gives Hung Kuen a slight bias towards Tiger and Crane, also because this is the most well known form most users would do on form based competitions.
  13. Hello!

    Hello Forum Wanted to post a video in the video thread of me as a hello and first post, but found out I had to post here first, hihi. I'm from the Netherlands and live together with my girlfriend and our son Lucas, who's now 2,5 yrs old. I'm a homefather and after taking care of our son I fill most of my time in practicing Hung Kuen, a southern style of kungfu. I only fairly recently started reading Daoist texts and calling myself a Daoist, but I found out I have been following Daoist recommendations for a long time already. I see some good discussions going on here, looking forward to interact with you all!