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  1. Chips Ahoy

    Thanks for all the wonderful information about this topic. I am not interested in using this for hurting others or just for kicks. A friend of mine suggested that this could be done to help gather knowledge (being a student this would really help!) and to heal/strengthen the body while you are sleeping. But he said that the ghosts are pretty fragile and can get caught in electric wires and destroyed (among other ways of getting destroyed). The things is, I did not believe him until I looked this up on google and found this thread. I was amazed at the youtube links quoted earlier. so I wanted to investigate this further. Does anyone know if there any sources that are Taoist in origin that talk about this? Thanks for the information Afromojo. I appreciate your honesty. Froggie, do you have any other information about the crystal experiments you mentioned? It sounds similar to other stories I have heard and would like to see how similar these actually are.
  2. Chips Ahoy

    I believe that White Rabbit's original post mentioned posting more about how to destroy chi ghosts and also how to protect them. Any further information about this would be appreciated. If you know of any books (in English or Chinese - my roommate reads Chinese okay), that would also be cool. Thanks!!!
  3. I have read some of Mantak Chia's books and find the material to be interesting. Research of his methods has indicated that some of the training is at least influenced by Tibetan Buddhism or possibly Bon (?) (I have no knowledge of these subjects -- I only know they are possibly somehow connected). I read a post here that supports the idea that some of his teaching is influenced by Tibetan training. This post suggested that someone named Lar Short may have exchanged information with Chia. What are your thoughts on Lar Short and what he teaches? Does anyone know if Lar Short is still teaching? If so, how does one find him? If not, does he have any top students to whom he transmitted his knowledge/lineage to that can teach? Are there others who teach what he teaches via a legitimate lineage (there are so many people who teach all sorts of things it is hard to know who is real and who is not)? More generally, what, if any, practices in Daoism are similar to Bon/Tibetan Buddhism? What are the differences? Which one may be better for the beginner and why? Who are some of the best teachers in each? I have read several books, but need/want to find someone who can really fill in the gaps with personal teaching. Sorry for all the questions. I am really new to the study of eastern practices and want to make the best choice I can possibly make. I welcome any suggestions you have about this topic. Have a super and blessed day!!!!
  4. hi everyone

    hi! Just found this site and enjoyed the interesting discussions. Thought I would join so that I could ask questions from those of you that are in the know. Have a good one!