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  1. Watched this very cool lecture on the Mayan calendar - a little long, but very enlightening and seems to explain a lot.
  2. Yeah, I love a good mystery too. Don't know who's behind the crop circles either... - bored housewives maybe. 12/21/12 sure has been thrown around a lot lately though. Wouldn't it be funny if it just turns out to be another day like all the rest. I dont know - the Mayans seem like pretty serious people so I'll guess we'll have to wait and see. BTW there is a Daniel Pinchbeck podcast that you can link to via
  3. When I first learned tai chi through Chia's system the emphasis was on tai chi as energy cultivation. I switched over to a harder style (Cheng Man Ching style) where it is closer to Martial Arts apllications. Perhaps body mechanics would be a better way to describe it.
  4. If you could Remake Master Mantak Chia's videos

    A question that comes to mind for me is why does Chia want to re-do his videos? If its a quality issue, then re-do them with better equipment audio etc. Or is he trying to re-package the same stuff he already presented? Does he have new info to present? If he is trying to move units then my suggestion would be to hire skilled graphic designers create a nice glossy package and throw lots of words like sex and live forever in the title. If he is trying to turn the world on my suggestion would be to go to some cave for a few years and meditate. Then maybe he can come back and people will be interested in hearing what he has to say. PS Not meant as sarcasm or judgement against Chia. Just the truth as I see it. I'll always be thankful to him for introducing me to the TAO.
  5. spring summer winter fall

    saw it a few years ago...loved it..thought it was very well done. Kagemusha - thats interesting that it is supposed to be a critique of buddhism. I didn't notice that at all. I've been meaning to re-watch that movie so maybe I'll look for that next time.
  6. Cute Astrology info...

    Funny article. I do know an aquarian guy who is a bad driver. I personally was in two accidents with him while he was driving - nothing major though, just fender-benders.
  7. ayahuasca

    Thanks again for all the responses. I realize I have plenty on my plate to work with right now without blowing my mind into the stratosphere Man, that must be some wild stuff. Ian - thanks for the book and web site info. Looks very interesting. BTW Cloud yeah, I think Ram Dass is amazing as well (I guess you caught the *glumphing* reference). Not too long ago a friend of mine gave me a bunch of Ram Dass tapes where he just answers questions from the audience. Lots to work with there. Spyrel - I see you are fellow NYC practitioner. Are you studying with any teachers right now?
  8. Worlds oldest Person died

    I got this pic from a taoist site...(sorry dont remember where), that claimed this adept was 127 or something like that..for what it's worth. I mean even if she is only 85 looks like she can still do a pretty mean lotus posture.
  9. ayahuasca

    Thanks Cloud for that post. Perhaps if it is really that intense I will hold off for now and continue doing my current stuff ...but I think I eventually would like to experience this...and check out the rainforest too.
  10. ayahuasca

    Thanks for the input! BTW here's a couple o' links - a video and a place that offers the ceremony. (there's another vid as well that's good, with Terrance McKenna - follow the links at google - but this one is a little more enteratining) (obviously I'm not affiliated with them - this is just one place I stumbled upon while surfing)
  11. ayahuasca

    Hey - Has anyone on this board ever tried the stuff? I mean in a spirtitual setting with a shaman etc. I checked out a couple of vids on google and it looks kinda interesting. I seem to remember reading some posts about the South American spiritual tradition here and on that seem somewhat negative, or that one should exercise caution. Does anyone here have any direct experience in this area? I guess I feel I am sorta *glumphing* through life right now and my current practices aren't really helping me tackle some of my heavier personal issues. thanks
  12. Hi Hi Hi

    Hi Freeform & Cat Ha ha ha funny Yeah I guess it's all of the above (although I'm not sure I know who Goerdie is)
  13. Hi Hi Hi

    Nah - Sometimes I feel like it though
  14. Hi Hi Hi

    >welcome! are you into cryptozoology? suppose I must be >(your member number is my birthday, which I consider very auspicious guess that makes us pisces brederen. Nice cyber-meeting you affenbrot - I've enjoyed your posts
  15. We are puny!

    Dust in the wind..all we are is dust in the wind