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  1. Eating Flesh Pros and Cons

    you guys are as ignorant as dogs. First of all, in the Body Machine, by Christiaan Barnard, a South African doctor who performed the world's first heart transplant, it says, and shows a diagram, of how it takes 30x as much land to create the same amount of protein when comparing beef to soybeans. 30 times, i tell you no lie. Read the book, it is considered a classic on anatomy and physiology. And all this talk about women is beyond me, primarily because im not a woman. I am a Man, an insightful one at that. Also, I did not reccomend tea, grains, corn or soybean oil, or lots of tofu. I said, corn, vegetables, dairy products, and hot pepper. I did not mention any of the phony-nutritionist-speaking guy's foods, and female sexual energy doesn't really matter to me to begin with. To sum this up, man did not originate as a predatory species. It is obvious by looking at us. Man is weak, slow, lacks fangs or claws, and not suited for combat if compared to actual predatory species, such as wild dogs, lions, tigers, and bears oh my! Man is a prey animal. If you don't believe me, I give you the Cow challenge. Take off all your clothes, including any sharp objects such as rings and jewelery, and start a fight with a simple oxen. If you can kill him with your bare hands and tear his flesh without tools, I consider you a predator. But I fear that oxen will gore you to death in seconds. Man began a vegetarian, then moved to the coastal areas of africa and began spear-fishing. That is largely why men stand upright, are intelligent enough to devise tools, have hair that is practically invisible, unlike other primates, and used to live in tribal societies where everything is shared. If you can make a living that way, I consider you a very strong man. But you can't. You're alive because of the 2% of the population who work as farmers, honest men who keep you alive with their hard labour. The consumption of meat only began with ranching, and now, Man has made disastrous changes to the world ecology all for the sake of eating meat three times a day. If you want to rationalize your behavior, fine, but the world is a terrible thing to waste. Meat is scarcity food, good for when there are no vegetables or yogurt to eat, but the world can't physically support 6 billion carnivores. And the land required to raise a few dairy cows, rather than thousands of cattle for the slaughter, is a very small ratio. By definition, you kill one mature cow, and its gone. One dairy cow gives milk all its life, and therefore is more valuable alive then dead. So suit yourself. Your spirituality and knowledge amazes me.
  2. Eating Flesh Pros and Cons

    ok, for starters, the area of arable land needed to create the same amount of protien from beef than from soy is greater than 10 to 1. Growing cattle for beef is a huge waste of land, grain, and water. Also, it is completely erroneous that tofu is the only vegetarian protein source. Chick peas, all other beans, and dairy products have all the protein you need. And don't give me that bs about 'incomplete proteins' because every nutritionist knows that is completely outdated and false. Vegetable protien is 'complete' and 'good for you' while eating meat is definately linked to higher rates of obesity, cancer, and heart disease. the thing is people dont care about killing animals, because they never see it for themselves, and they enjoy eating meat, so they rationalize this cognitive dissonance by inventing rather defensive schemes on how vegetables feel pain, animals dont have emotions, the health of mongolians, and other useless ideas. I am sure that mongolians are not as long lived as americans, let alone the okinawan, japanese, or spanish, the top three in longevity. Mongolia is a third-world country, abounding with poverty, disease, and crime. if you doubt that animals and humans dont have emotions, my heart goes out to you. But then again, i'm a human being so therefore i have no 'heart' to feel for you with.
  3. Christ Consiousness? Dragon Consciousness?

    may i share my opinion? first of all, i dont think taoists have to make distinctions between this is part of my way and this isn't. The way welcomes both saints and sinners, there's no need to chastize anyone. I think what is meant by christ concsiousness is very similar to the yogic belief in brahman. brahman is not god like thought of as a father figure, but rather as reality itself. beyond the world created by the six senses, there is emptiness, and many call this god-consciousness or brahman. The word christ is probably used to familiarize this person's approach to tao with the belief system of the western man, who probably makes up the large majority of his students. he's not trying to convert you to another religion, and neither am i.
  4. Eating Flesh Pros and Cons

    thank you. you know, there is scientific evidence that vegetarians are healthier. Seventh Day Adventists and Mormons are lacto-vegetarian, and they are by far the healthiest people in America. So healthy, in fact, that they are used as 'controls' in studies of the effects of the SAD(standard american diet). Everyone in america is judged on how healthy they are in comparison to these two religious groups. and the essence of being vegetarian for spiritual/moral reasons, is to not kill a concious animal that feels fear and doesn't want to die. A head of cabbage doesn't feel fear or pain. A cow or a pig does. let me quote the buddha again, "everybody fears death, everyone trembles at the whip. feeling for others as you feel for yourself, do not kill or cause others to kill." BTW, i am not buddhist, I am a jew. but I read the Tao Te Ching everyday, and I am a philosopher. Nothing is as purifying as knowledge.
  5. Eating Flesh Pros and Cons

    I actually agree with the master, and i think you are well versed in buddhism, as opposed to many other teachers. I recently became a vegan, and for many years i tried to rationalize why i study tao and how i eat meat at the same time. It was difficult indeed. But to the heart of the matter, eating meat is rather foul. There is no nutrient, not even b12, that we cannot get from plant food or dairy products. Eating meat is a tremendous waste of energy, land, grain, and other resources. And vegetarian food does not need to be boring. As I recall, the buddha said something about 'if there is a greater joy to be had in the future, by giving up a small pleasure now, it is better to give up this small pleasure for the future good' Very similar to the jewish saying, "from bitter: sweet" Giving up the small pleasure of eating meat once or twice a day is better than causing killing, harming the environment, and harming yourself. you can get by on corn, vegetables, dairy products, the allmighty hot pepper, and other foods. Killing animals is justifiable, but not preferabble. There is a way to live in harmony.
  6. Hello to all my fellow tao bums

    thank you for a very warm welcome. for a while i thought no one was going to reply! Thanks again
  7. Hello to all my fellow tao bums

    I am Lior (pronounced Lee-or). I am Israeli jewish, but i am a tao fiend. I play Judo also. I like to talk about deep philosophical things, and i hope i meet some interesting people on this website. I am also a licensed acupuncturist. Just thought I'd share that with my fellow philosophers. Thank you. Lior Avni, L.Ac