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  1. Kunlun May 1

    Yes Cat I did email Elaine, still waiting for a reply. Thanks for the help though.
  2. Kunlun May 1

    Hello everyone. I was thinking about attending the Kunlun Seminar in May. I am not familur with LA and the hotel where the seminar is being held at is a little pricey. Does anyone who knows the area have any suggestions on a good place to stay for a few nights? Seminar is being held at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel on 1755 North Highland Avenue. I appreciate any help. Thanks
  3. Kunlun safty

    Good to know. I would not like to stop for any length of time. Thanks Yoda
  4. Kunlun safty

    Hello everyone. I just got back from the Detanice a few hours ago. Have my wisdom teeth pulled out. Good times. I was told not to work out because the higher heart rate could cause the blood clot to burst. Kunlun increases my heart rate but I am unsure if it would raise it to that level. Anyone else have an opinion on if it would be safe to continue? Grebby
  5. Hello everyone.

    Hello everyone. I have been playing with energy and meditation for almost 2 years now. Just started learning and practicing Kunlun from the book. I found this site while looking up some information about Kunlun. I have found it to be an interesting and informed site. I am looking forward to learning more especially about all the things that are happening during my practice.