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  1. ultrasound

    Anyone tried one of the little hand-held 1MHZ ultrasound machines? They seem to be available for as little as $70 on ebay, and to be recommended for anything from fatness to arthritis to muscle soreness etc etc. As with so many of these things, I'd like to hear testimonials before throwing money at it. Any thoughts?
  2. Far from everyone's expectations, the ORMUS material may end up addicting if used carelessly and more "binding" rather than "liberating". It does not, in fact, produce any "release" from the cycle of birth-and-death. It only lifts what is normally dense - our embodiment, our mental and habitual tendencies - up to a notch, to what is less dense, or more subtle. The subtle qualities, as for example a kundalini arousal, a samadhi, or even a psychic faculty, are often aspired by everyone as indicative of "attainment". This could not be farther from truth. The Truth embodies everything, the subtle, the dense, and even nothing whatsoever. What is more dense - our reality - is not, in fact, one iota farther away from Truth, nor is the subtle any closer. "Going into the light" means going into another realm of phenomena, however subtle it may be. In this regard it is still a realm of illusion. It has not, in fact, transcended birth-and-decay. Even the complete destruction of ego, as Gary was often fond of saying, does not mean complete liberation. For, in the end, all of us still hold to a dharma, a truth, something to be expounded, a view. True liberation, the transcendence of it all, comes only when even the subtle views that we have of enlightenment, of each other, of a Truth however Universal it may seem, e.g., all this garbage that is our reality solidified, can be completely relinquished. By grasping so firmly onto fine points that discriminate this hypothetical versus some other hypothetical, one clearly demonstrates that in the end there is still a view, something that needs to be explained, some theory to be explored, some truth to be shared, some attachment that needs to be severed. From some website or other.
  3. The most serious issue facing the United States...

    The reason population increases is that we keep producing more food. You may not believe this but face it: the bodies of all the new people are made of food. This is true of all other animal populations and of us. Limit food supply and population stabilises. Increase food supply and population grows. We don't like to admit that we lords of creation follow such simple biological laws, but we do. Read "The story of B" by daniel quinn if you want the truth of this rammed down yr throat. Different topic: A teacher of mine, who has very profound concentration, way beyond mere samadhi, can tell by looking at people which side of their head they put their mobile phone to. The damage he sees is so profound that he expects significant proportions of the world population to be killed by their mobiles in the next couple of years if things continue as is. So it may not be too crowded after all.
  4. Hungry Ghost Feeding

    What don't you get? I'm just saying that if you "gain merit" what actually happens? Something changes in you, there's nowhere else for it to happen. And what can that change be, but a change in what you are and how you experience everything? And all this calculation, all "this what if i do this for someone else although I myself don't want to" is irrelevant. Spontaneous good only comes from the degree to which you don't see yourself and the other as different in the first place. And gaining merit means getting more like that. That's all.
  5. Hungry Ghost Feeding

    Got a thought. Universe doesn't have an admin dept. Your karma is your karma precisely and only because you hold on to it. Like wise with merit. If you "gain merit" this can only be implemented as a change in yourself. So it has to be a reflection of you getting on better with 1)yourself and 2)others and 3)creation in general ALL AT ONCE TOGETHER, because if you're acting like there's a difference between those, the point is getting missed, to some extent. There is no scoreboard. Not nowhere.
  6. subvert

    It seems weird to me. That posts directing people to another board should have been deleted. But it was kinda rude to have put them in the first place, i reckon. I am surprised that so many people have genuinely convinced themselves that Messieurs Chia and Winn have NOTHING, but NOTHING to offer. I am surprised also that so many people are convinced that Bodri is right and that's all there is to it. Merit is all and taoism is pants. Remember, his teacher is a Ch'an master, with some claim to very high attainment. But that's all. Taoism and buddhism are still paths. Didn't Pietro quote something nice a few weeks back while listing his favorite books, about how it is far harder to escape from a rigid belief system than whatever else it was? Convictions cause convicts. Free your minds, guys. Basically I'm just pissed that I have to look at two boards now.